September 2015

Shipping Containers on the Thames

Shipping Containers are a very rare sight on the river Thames beyond the London Gateway Terminal to the east of London, so we were delighted to find out that 8 of our used 20ft shipping containers were sailing down the Thames as part of the Under Armour "Earn Your Armour" rugby campaign. When we were initially contacted by Knight Rigging Services, a Blackpool based (but widely known) rigging, stage design and events support services company, details were [...]

How to place a Shipping Container on site for storage use

How you place a shipping container on site is important for easy, long lasting use and, of course, maximum lifespan. This guide explains how to best prepare the ground for a shipping containers as well as how to manage the delivery itself. We do send out a more detailed guide with our invoices for any customers buying a shipping container. Preparing the ground for your shipping container Before delivery we recommend checking and preparing the [...]