March 2016

Neutralised Shipping Containers

What is a neutralised or neutralized shipping container? What does this mean, what implication will this have for your export shipment, does your shipping container need to be neutralised? This guide is intended to help novice shippers and exporters understand these questions. What is a neutralised shipping container? A neutralised container is a contact that has had its previous owners container prefix and ownership markings removed from the container number. To explain in more detail, [...]

Make the most of your spare yard space

Got some spare yard space at your workplace, factory or yard? A lot of our customers have come up with some clever ways to utilise unused yard space which can help them stretch more from their operation, or help them earn additional income from the corner of their yard which was otherwise siting unused. Here are some neat ideas to help you make the most from your spare yard space Self storage rentals A fantastic long [...]

How many Shipping Containers are there in the World?

Shipping containers are everywhere! We see them on the back of trucks and trains and stacked high on container ships. They are used to transport many of the goods we import and export, and are commonly used for onsite storage, for offices, for homes and many other uses besides. Yet a question we are often asked (but not able to answer easily) is ‘how many shipping containers are there in the world’? There are already [...]