September 2016

14ft Shipping Containers

14ft shipping containers are a non-standard size for the shipping industry and we generally only build these 14ft shipping containers to order. For customers who have a specific sized gap to fill or item to store we can however make to order 14ft shipping containers, in either a new or refurbished option. Refurbished 14ft shipping containers Our refurbished 14ft shipping containers are typically made to order in our London, Birmingham or Liverpool yards. We make these [...]

Secure Bike Storage in a Bespoke Shipping Container

It has been just over a year since Budget Shipping Containers provided a custom made 27ft refurbished shipping container for Unique, a part of the Limited Edition Cycling Club and, because the custom length build jobs just keep coming, thought it was only fair to give them a little thank you shout out! Founded in October 2010, Limited Edition Cycling is a cycling club in the Greenwich and Bexley area with a mission to encourage cycling in all [...]