Guide to Open Top Shipping Containers

What are open top shipping containers? Open top shipping containers are a specialised type of shipping container specifically designed for loads that need loading via crane / items that are to big or difficult to fit through the end doors on a standard cargo container. Also used in environments when cargo is loaded from the door side but via overhead hanging tackle and for over-height cargo (cargo that is to tall to fit inside a […]

Garden Storage Containers

Secure garden storage is becoming more of a necessity for home owners. Thefts from gardens and allotments is on the rise across the UK and a lot of this is due to belongings not being stored away in a secure facility. At the same time many families report a need to have an outside storage space not just for their gardening gear, but also kids outdoor toys, barbecues, summer garden furniture and bikes all need […]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #161: An Acoustic Barrier for Tottenham Hotspur

Onto the 161st use for the “1001 uses for a shipping container” feature and we are still surprised by the sheer amount of uses we come across! We are very proud to have helped supply and install a 560 ft long x 25ft high acoustic barrier for Tottenham Hotspur football club during their current demolition of the old White Hart Lane stadium. Initially contacted by the club in spring of 2017, Tottenham had a very specific issue with […]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #160: A New Globe Theatre?

Carrying on with our “1001 Uses For a Shipping Container” feature, we recently came across a fantastic project over in the US. Wilmington in North Carolina is a port town on the east coast and is the planned location for something very special. Modeled on the reproduced Globe Theatre in London, a visionary by the name of Andy Veil wants to recreate the traditional english theatre but with a modern twist. Andy hopes to make this Globe […]