Our head offices in Ullenhall

After years of industry experience we have been sourcing containers to trade suppliers for some time. In 2011 we introduced this website to try to provide the public with clear and easy access to our ranges of competitively priced shipping containers. We stick to what we know, ensuring that you’re always dealing with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in finding you the right container. At budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk our emphasis is on top quality customer care.

Based in a renovated coach house on the Oldberrow Manor estate, just south of Birmingham UK, we are strategically located a couple of hours from most major UK ports and container hubs.

We ensure you get the container you need at the right price

We work with a strategically located network of 16 container yards, over a hundred hauliers (of all types, standard chassis container trucks, (specialised Hiab crane vehicles (Hiabs), Heavy lifting container vehicles (side-lifters), heavy haulage (up to 150 tonnes) and low loaders), 100+ freight forwarders, 22 other container traders, stockholders or appointed agents, 2 rail freight operators, 3 or the top 5 worldwide container fleet owners and the majority of the major international shipping lines. In a globalised industry such as the shipping container logistics market, having a strong operational base of trusted relationships is, in our opinion, the best way to ensure that we can get you the right shipping container.

If you work within the industry and think you can help us please contact us.

We are operators, not salespeople

Our staff to date have all come from a customer service backgrounds in the haulage, shipping and container supply industries, or related heavy industry service roles. We have the combined hands on experience of dealing with over 10,000 container deliveries and we have seen almost everything. For this reason we are more committed to ensuring that your job runs as smoothly as possible and just as importantly, ensuring you know what’s going on. We help you by providing information on the types and size of lorry you are booking, clearly give you the information on what you are purchasing and your responsibilities as regards ensuring a smooth delivery and a suitable site. We will also supply a free guide how to prepare the ground for positioning a storage container to ensure that it has the longest life possible.

Please feel free to meet the team to find out more about our head office and customer services team.