1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #158: Ice Cream Stands!

It’s never too cold for ice cream and this new ice cream stand at Arrow Valley Country Park in Redditch proves it!

Easy and cost effective to install and fit out, the shipping container ice cream stand design offers an good quality, anti-vandal build quality which is perfectly for sporting events, festivals, public parks and truck service stations!

These containers can easily be moved from site to site as your business desires and can be quickly installed to an external electrics and water source upon arriving at your destination. They are long lasting and cheap alternatives to traditional bricks and mortar cafes and offers the versatility the ice cream market desires.

Shipping container conversions into ice cream stands, coffee shops, bars and other serveries are becoming more and more popular. As well as being cost effective and secure, they can also be moved between locations with relative ease, allowing your commercial offerings to evolve with any site. Alongside this many customers report it’s very easy to redesign or rebrand an offering with a new external repaint or vinyl wrap as may be required.

We offer the UK’s largest and most diverse range of used shipping containers, refurbished shipping containernew (one trip) shipping containers, flat pack containergalvanised containers and even our new range of specialised container offices we hope to help you on similar projects to this.

We can modify containers to order too so if you had something warmer in mind like coffee or soup, that’s doable too! Just let us know your requirements and we’ll happily get a price over to you.

We are continually adding to our ‘1001 uses for a shipping container’ post on social media so if you spot a shipping container out and about being used for something weird and wonderful, or next to something interesting (a landmark, shop, or well known place) feel free to contact us via our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or tag us in the pics on Instagram or Pintrest!

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