Shipping Container Housing For The Homeless in Bristol

Shipping container homes have been taking off around the world. From the simple 20ft glamping cabins to extravagant pieces of architectural design. Sometimes the most simplest ideas are the best. Shipping containers offer a strong and secure foundation to convert and modify into a tidy little home. You can easily insulate, install electrics and add doors and windows as you see fit.

Jasper from Help Bristols Homeless recognised this. He called in looking for a used 30ft shipping container for his project in Bristol. A 20ft shipping container was too small for one of his homes and we luckily had a 30ft shipping container in stock ready to go! He wanted the container asap and we pulled out all the stops to get him what he needed. We delivered this 30ft shipping container to his site, where his team of volunteers got to work transforming it into shipping container housing for someone who needs a safe and sound living space!

Each shipping container housing unit is well kitted out with good quality lining and insulation inside, before professionally installed plumbing and fully certified electrics are installed. This gives an excellent quality of living space inside the shipping container for a very low price. Finished with quality UPVC windows and doors and fitted out internally with appropriate fixtures, these 30ft shipping container homes are a fantastic idea to help people in need.

The idea is to have local business sponsor the shipping container homes to help fund the project as well as help spread awareness. The first shipping container has been sponsored by 3D of Massive attack but the project still needs all the support it can get.

They are hoping to add a further 8 x shipping containers to this project then when the yard space is full may look to set up elsewhere in Bristol, which in turn will help provide even more homes for the homeless population in Bristol with shipping containers.

Please see the video above showing the finished products and some information on the charity. Please click this link if you wish to donate to this fabulous cause as they are still in need of funding to purchase more containers and materials to transform the ex shipping containers into homes for the homeless.

Thanks to Jasper from Help Bristols Homeless for your custom!

if you are interested in purchasing a shipping container and need some help or advice please do call one of our team of experts who will be more than happy to talk you through all the options we have available, or you can also browse our online catalogue – the biggest online range of shipping containers we know of!

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