15ft Shipping Containers

15ft shipping containers are not the most common size of shipping container, but here at Budget Shipping Containers we can modify and develop them to fit your exact specifications! These containers are cut down and modified from either 20ft or 40ft containers and are made to order. They are ideal for customers who do not have the room for a traditional 20ft container but want the same level of quality and security. We can supply you with 15ft shipping containers in either a new or refurbished condition to suit your needs. We will now break down the main types of 15ft shipping container that we can offer for secure storage use.

Refurbished 15ft Shipping Containers

We typically produce our refurbished 15ft shipping containers in either our London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester depots and ship them out to wherever you require in the UK (delivery costs apply).

All of our refurbished 15ft shipping containers come with an external repaint in your choice of basic colour, a high security lock box and our 12 month wind and watertight guarantee. This means your cargo will be safe from the British weather! If you are storing fabrics, paper or sensitive material inside then we would also suggest that you take a look at condensation treatments to stop condensation build up.14ft Shipping Container

We will often ask for clear and exact instructions on the exact length and width you require as to not protrude your dimensions. As we typically make these to order we can ensure a 15ft shipping container is measured to perfectly fit into a given space or to ensure it fits the item(s) you need to store inside.

As with all our refurbished containers, these refurbished 15ft shipping containers are made from a used shipping containers, this means they will possibly have some dinks and dents on the frame, but they will offer a considerable saving on price when compared to the new 15ft shipping container option.

If you do have the space available, the a new 20ft shipping container or used 20ft shipping container will work out at a very similar overall cost and provide an additional 5ft of space.

New 15ft Shipping Containers

New 15ft shipping containers are 14ft Shipping Containersmade to order to your specifications in our UK depots. The process includes taking a brand new 20ft shipping container and modifying the size to your requirements then sealing off the end with steel to secure the container.

They come clean and virtually dink free. They have a professional paint finish and they can be built to help move cargo or goods around. These new 15ft shipping containers also come with a high security lock box and an original heavy duty door with rubber seal.

Flat Pack Containers

If your looking for a 15ft shipping container and you simply dont have sufficient access for a hiab lorry to place the container down, we have a fantastic range of flat pack containers which can be moved around and assembled with relative ease. This range of containers come literally “flat packed” so the panels can be easily manouvred around, assembled and bolted into place.4m x 2m flat pack container

The selection we have available are as follows: 2×2 metre, 2×3 metre and a 2×4 metre galvanised flat pack storage containers. The beauty of these particular products is that we can provide linking kits. Linking kits mean that you can join any pair of 2m, 3m or 4m flat racks to create a larger storage facility.

The flat packs are never going to be the same as traditional shipping containers but they offer the flexibility and security a lot of our customers need.

If you need any help or advice on this range of containers please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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