Garden Storage Containers

Secure garden storage is becoming more of a necessity for home owners. Thefts from gardens and allotments is on the rise across the UK and a lot of this is due to belongings not being stored away in a secure facility. At the same time many families report a need to have an outside storage space not just for their gardening gear, but also kids outdoor toys, barbecues, summer garden furniture and bikes all need to be securely stored away. Our range of secure garden storage containers should offer secure storage for a huge range of uses.

Fortunately at Budget Shipping Containers we have a fantastic range of secure garden storage containers for almost every setup. In this guide we detail a few of our more popular smaller container options that might work well in a typical home setting

Flat Pack Garden Storage Containers

Our range of flat pack containers are great for secure garden or allotment storage. Each individual panel can be carried into position by 2 people and its quick and easy to erect on site. Made from galvanised steel these units are light but tough enough to deter the most determined thieves. As a temporary structure they should also be exempt from planning permission.

Neat, tidy and very flexible these flat pack garden storage storage containers offer a secure storage space for your garden. These garden storage containers can be used for storage of all sorts of items including lawn mowers, bikes, barbecues and more. The list goes on!

We also have ranges of flat pack offices and chemical stores on our website.

Secure Garden Storage Containers

Our range of shipping containers offer a fantastic level of security for any domestic storage arrangements. With sides made from min 1.6mm corrugated COR-TEN steel, and  high security lock boxes with padlocks in place they are very secure. It will take someone with heavy cutting gear some time to cut into one of these shipping containers. Well out of the scope for your typical opportunist

7ft new storage container

With our shipping containers we do need to get our delivery truck alongside or very near to the spot where the container needs to sit. Its typically not viable to lift over houses or trees to get your container into position. Assuming this is possible however a shipping container can offer an excellent level of security for everything you might need to store in a normal domestic environment. Bikes, barbecues, chairs and tables.  Gardening gear, wheelbarrows and more.

Commonly shipping containers come in standard 20ft and 40ft options. We do offer containers as small as 6ft deep. Due to the abundance of shipping containers you will often find a used 20ft container to be a very similar price overall when compared to anything smaller. As well as being cost effective and secure, if you have the space you can fit a huge amount of gear inside your container and keep it safe and out of the way.

Additional Security options for secure garden storage

On top of our usual high security lock box and insurance rated padlock options we also offer some additional security options for our containers that can help keep your stuff extra secure.

We can in many cases fit a second lock to the door. depending on the yard used and their expertise this can involve a second mortise style lock. This means anyone who wanted to break into your shipping container would need to come armed to tackle 2 very different types of locking mechanisms.

Recently we have started selling a range of very neat shipping container alarm systems (also suitable for other outbuildings and similar). these come with a 90 dB siren as well as alerting up to 5 mobile phones immediately the alarm goes off.

Along with customised additional security features at the requests of customers inducing a second high security lock box, hinge protection, and entire new bulkhead door inside the first set of doors.

With anything security its a balance between price, practicality and protection. We believe on balance shipping containers perform very well versus a lot of alternative garden storage options.

Cheaper and more secure than a shed

Wooden sheds we feel have had their day. Pricey, often not sustainable and often tricky to install sheds certainly have their place. If you need a bigger shed we believe that more commonly a 20ft shipping container will come in cheaper and more secure. There is also no building or instillation to worry about. We lift it off the truck, You may need to spend a few minutes with the driver to ensure this is supported properly and level and then its ready to go.

If your looking for a secure garden storage container then we hope we have all bases covered for you. Please feel free to browse our online range (the largest online range of shipping containers & accessories in the UK). You can also contact us where we have our friendly, helpful team on standby 08:30-19:00 weekdays

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