Preventing Theft from Farms – Rural Crime Prevention

Sadly, thefts from farms has continued to increase and Budget Shippping Contaniers hear about it almost daily now with farmers calling us following a theft from their farm. Recently the NFU’s publication ‘Combating Rural Crime’ was launched at an event held at the Houses of Parliament.

Whilst many Police Forces have guidelines on their websites about how to reduce the risk of thefts from farms, the NFU is calling for control room staff to have better training and a dedicated rural crime contact additionally, the NFU wants Police Forces to make rural crime a strategic priority across all constabularies.

What can you do to help reduce theft on your farm?

For farm buildings West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police offer the following tips on their website:

Make sure that valuable equipment is stored in a secure unit that has strong and locked doors. Keep doors locked at all times when not in use.

30ft refurbished shipping containers rear viewShipping containers are ideal for this. If you don’t have shipping containers on site currently and only have barns etc., they also suggest fitting alarms to barns and other outbuildings that are being used for storage.

They also suggest ensuring all windows on containers and outbuildings alike are protected with either metal bars, grilles or closeable security shutters (Make sure that security is improved for diesel and fertiliser)

For the perimeter ensure secure around both fields and outbuildings, check hedges and fences for weak spots, restrict farm access to prevent unwelcome vehicles from entering by using a gate alarm or barrier system.

Whilst the above is a brief description of what you can do to help prevent rural crime, these and many more useful tips to be found on the Warwickshire Police website.

They are ideas that can be implemented over time but what if you need a quick solution to secure power tools, small plant and machinery or other valuables quickly?

Shipping Containers may be the solution!

IMG_0138Based on our experience dealing with farmers who have experienced theft from their farm, shipping containers are proving to be a useful deterrent to all but the most determined of thieves, and even then, we believe our additional security solutions can help.

To lock the container doors, always use a good quality padlock such as one of our CISA padlocks and to protect the padlock from access with bolt-cutters or pry bars, always ask us to fit a heavy-duty lock box to the cargo doors. This in our experience will eliminate any opportunists and chancers from trying their luck.

So, you now have a good quality secure container but, what if the would-be thief comes armed with the sort of heavy cutting gear that would be required to break into a shipping container? Clearly, they’ll make a lot of noise doing this and they’d have to come prepared for this eventuality. So, what else can you do to protect the contents of your container?

We can offer a number of additional security features such as a second mortise style lock fitting into the container door, meaning a thief has to break or cut past 2 very different lock systems to get in, or we can even go as far as mounting a partition or separate set of doors internally if required.

You could opt for one of our shipping container alarm systems to provide additional protection. Our shipping container alarms can be used in isolated locations as they can run on their own battery pack. Compete with their own siren, our container alarms as mobile enabled so, once activated they will send an SMS to a mobile (or mobiles depending on model) so you can take immediate action.

Our alarms aren’t just limited to use in shipping containers though, they can also be used in outbuildings, sheds and garages too.

Depending on the size of equipment you need to store, you could have a standard height container or a High Cube container. Our standard height shipping containers (20ft or 40ft long) have a door opening height of 7ft 5’’ and door opening width of 7ft 8’’

For a higher door clearance, we offer 20ft and 40ft High Cube shipping containers that have a door opening height of 8ft 5’’

Rural Working Spaces

Alongside shipping containers, we also have a fantastic range of anti-vandal containerised offices. Unlike your traditional portacabins these are made from converted shipping containers and come with a very high level of security.

All our window units will come with anti-vandal shutters whcih are lockable from the inside, and all our additional personnel doors have a minimum of 10 locking points around the door frame which make them extremely difficult to force. Our new units are made to order which allow you to customise exactly where the doors, and windows go. You can even specify details such as plug socket positions, light locations and the type of internal panelling and insulation material to use.

andrew spencer picOur used anti-vandal offices obviously come with less customisation (everything has already been fitted, so your choice are limited to ‘what we have in’ at the time of any enquiry) – but a used 20ft container office can provide an excellent space that can comfortably house 3 people at desks for as little as circa £3k + VAT, and the office is also portable and should be exempt from additional business rates.

Offering nationwide delivery and the UK’s largest and most diverse range of used shipping containersrefurbished shipping containernew (one trip) shipping containersflat pack containergalvanised containers and even our new range of specialised container offices we hope to help get you as secure as we can. As is always sensible, it never hurts to give us a call and have a chat about what you’re using the container for and where you need it. We can always make suggestions and recommendations for you based on the best options we have local to you.

If you have your own shipping containers enquiry please feel free to contact us for more information, helpful advice and a free quotation.

Rural Crime Prevention Resources

Below we’ve collated a range of official advice on preventing rural crime. the links below will go to the relevant sections of each website (links open in a new window). If you have any guides or resources relating to rural crime prevention please let us know and we will be happy to include a link to your article here.

Read the Rural Crime Report (2016) from NFU Mutual and their article on How do we tackle rising rural crime. Farmers weekly also featured an article about a spate of farm gate thefts and Farmwatch featured an article reporting fuel and heating oil thefts from farms.

Here are a number of links to other police forces who have information about rural crime prevention on their websites:

Suffolk Police

Cheshire Police

Hertfordshire Constabulary

Lancashire Police

Northamptonshire Police

Police Scotland

Wiltshire Police

Thames Valley Police

Cumbria Constabulary

North Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police

Devon & Cornwall Police

Surrey Police

Dyfed-Powys Police

Farm Watch from Derbyshire Constabulary

Farm Watch from Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Preventing rural crime from Staffordshire Police

A practical guide for smallholders from The Smallholder Series

Local advice from the government in Northern Ireland

Secure your valuables in a Shipping Container

Shipping containers offer a superb level of security and are cost effective and easy to install. We have the UKs largest online range of shipping containers for sale which you can browse here, or you can contact us where we have our teams of helpful staff ready to answer any questions and offer help and advice available any time 08:30-19:00 weekdays.

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