Secure Tool Storage Containers

Secure tool storage is an issue for many. Garden sheds are often simply not secure enough to store valuable tools, and with many homes short of space inside we find that more and more people are using small shipping containers as tool storage containers. In this guide we explain why shipping containers make such good secure tool storage containers, and we will answer some of the common questions on their suitability.

Shipping Containers make excellent secure tool storage containers. When locked with one of our high security lock boxes and padlocks it will take someone with time and some heavy cutting gear to break into a container. On top of this we also have additional security measures such as our professional alarm systems that can be battery or mains powered, and that have a siren plus the capacity to notify up to 5 mobile phones as soon as the alarm sounds. In many domestic situations an alarm may not be necessary if it’s close to a house in a residential area as its likely that any break in would create an awful lot of noise.

6ft storage container doors openShipping containers are spacious, solid and secure and offer almost unbeatable value for their size, and of course there is no building or instillation to worry about. We arrive, we put it on the floor. You may need to spend 30 – 60 minutes ensuring the container is level and supported properly (ensuring smooth door operation for its lifetime) and then you are done. No big ‘shed building’ projects, no weekends taken up with diy projects (and evenings sorting out photo updates for your facebook album!), and no risk of over zealous barbecuing skills leading to your new shed turning into a pile of ash in the corner of your garden.

We have and can also modify our shipping containers for specialised tool storage applications. This has included custom fitted rails for the hanging of strimmers and brush cutters, ramps for sit on mowers, bars, hooks and posts as may be required can all be fitted. Of course our heavy duty racking and shelving options can help with your smaller day to day items.

For the more mobile tradesman, our flat pack storage containers not only offer excellent quality smart, anonymous and secure tool storage – but they are also easy to break down into individual panels, move onto the next job and rebuild. Ideal for anyone who will be based at a specific site for a few weeks or months, who wants a tool storage unit or general place to store bits and pieces overnight without constantly needing to carry the goods around in vans.

7ft new storage container

Alternatively our range of small shipping containers make excellent tool storage containers. When places in a back garden or similar they will be exceptionally hard to steal or break into.

Alongside the secure tool storage containers themselves, we can also help with a wide range of accessories. Heavy duty shelving and racking, tool and workbenches, loading ramps, cheap and simple battery powered lights and more to help make the day to day use straightforward for a wide range of customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to get some prices for any of these options.

If your looking for a secure tool storage container then look no further! We offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale at unbeatable prices, and with a helpful team we are your one stop shipping container shop. Please feel free to browse our full range of shipping containers for sale.

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