Shelf Brackets and Pipe Racks for your Shipping Container!

We can supply you with a wide range of Shelving and Pipe Rack options to fit your exact specifications!

Shipping Container Shelf Brackets

shipping container shelf brackets 2

Shelf Brackets are a cost effective DIY storage solution that help keep your cargo neatly against the walls of the container and not on the floor. These brackets are easy to install and as little as three brackets can give shelving capacity for the length of a 20ft shipping container!

The three shelf bracket unit is supplied without the wooden shelves, these can be purchased from any good hardware store or merchants at a reasonable price. Shelves are 18.5 inches 470mm deep and have a weight capacity 250 Kgs / 550 lbs per bracket arm (500Kgs or 1100 lbs per bracket). Based on a standard 8ft 6 high shipping container you have up to 32inches or 81cm clearance below the bottom shelf to the floor. (Add 12inches or 30cm for a high cube container)

Shipping Container Pipe Racks

pipe racking2

Pipe Racks are easily fitted to the side of the container and offer reliable storage solution. They take just moments to install as you simply hang them on the container D-rings (located at the top of the side walls) and there you have your pipe storage facility. Easy to attach and remove when needed, these brackets will not damage your container, nor is there any risk of top heavy loads toppling over. Added to this you get circa 60cm / 2ft of unobstructed space underneath the racks for your general storage needs. (This is based on a standard height shipping container).

The brackets have 4 arms fitted at a 30 degree angle. The support arms are 16 inches deep, gusseted for extra strength with a roll stop at the end of each arm to stop any pipes rolling off.

The pipe racks are Ideal for builders and plumbers with a large project jobs, builders merchants, sports clubs with large amounts of equipment and any large site like a university, tourist attraction or hotel that might need to keep a range of pipework on standby.

We recently supplied 6 sets of shelf brackets and 3 sets of pipe racks to Prima Systems Ltd.

Prima logo_RGBPrima Systems Ltd. design and install a comprehensive selection of glazing and cladding systems from leading industry suppliers including Sapa, Senior, Rehau and Schuco as well as Trespa and Marley Eternit cladding boards. Based in Kent, Prima have delivered a variety of projects for both local and national contractors in the South East and further afield including the exclusive beach houses on Margate’s promenade and the full facade replacement on Chaucer House in Sutton.

Holly, Marketing Associate at Prima Systems said, “We are using the shelving brackets in the containers at one of our school sites where we are responsible for both the glazing and cladding packages – the brackets gave us the perfect solution to keeping our tools and fixings organised which will help our installation team to be far more efficient. We received a great service from Budget Shipping Containers and will definitely be using them in future.”

A big thank you to Prima Systems for their custom. If you need any of the above options or anything shipping container related please visit the shipping containers page on this site,

Of course you can always contact us if you are in any doubt about the product or have any questions regarding any of our Racking and Shelving solutions for a shipping container.

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