Shipping Container Skates

Shipping container skates offer a fantastic way to get your container to where you need it; whether that’s in an exhibition hall, shopping centre, warehouse or simply rolling it under some low branches or telephone wires. Shipping container skates are carried by the majority of our hauliers and as long as we know in advance of delivery, and know where we’re going with it, skating a container into position should not only be doable but also save you money on the alternative option; craning a shipping container into position! Typically skating a shipping container under something is far cheaper than hiring a specialist large crane and lifting it.

Site Restraints for Skates

The first thing to look at should be where we’re going with the lorry and where are we going to offload the container. You can of course get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries but typically where we can get with our lorry does depend on your site (and nobody knows your site better than you!) Our lorry, equipped with a hiab crane, would like to get parallel or perpendicular to where you want the container initially lifting off. This is when the driver will slowly lift the unit down on to jacks. Once the shipping container has been offloaded and is on the jacks our driver will slide the skates under each corner casting and slowly release the jacks.

The next restraint is where we are skating to, what are we skating over and how are we going to get it there. The Surface should be flat, smooth and hard standing. We cannot skate over gravel or dirt and there can be no divots or cracks/holes in the skates’ way. Cracks in concrete is a popular problem as well as hardstanding ‘lips’ (for example where tarmac that has recently been laid meets old tarmac.) Manhole covers and metal grates are another problem for skates. There is only a couple of mm clearance between the floor and the bottom of the container so basically anything we’re likely to get stuck on we cannot skate over.

An empty 20ft shipping container weighs the wrong side of 2100kg (we always say 2.2t to be safe) and an empty 40ft shipping container weighs around 3700kg (we always say 3.9t just in case the container is high cube. Extra height = Extra weight!) This means wherever we are skating your container to must have suitable hardstanding capable of supporting these weights. And how we are going to get it there is entirely up to you.

While we can supply the container, hiab lorry and skates, how to actually get the container from A to B is down to the client. One option is manpower (a team of 2 – 4 persons can push and guide a container over a level surface on skates into position) Using a forklift truck is a more popular option; skates on one end of the container, forklift slightly lifting up the other end, and then simply push along at a walking pace with a person each side.

Can you skate a loaded container?

shipping container skates 3Generally speaking you CAN use shipping container skates to move a loaded shipping container. Of course this is subject the the capacity of the skates and the weight of the container so please contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. It never hurts to give us a call with any (or all!) of your shipping container enquiries. We have an experienced team ready to help. We’ll let you know what is and isn’t doable, not to mention we’ll offer you honest advise and hopefully solutions to any problem you face.

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