Shipping Container Garden Sheds

The garden shed is the great British perennial favourite! Wooden garden sheds whilst very popular, will rot over time, are easy to break in to and it’s not very easy to organise storage within especially when storing heavier items. One solution to this is to used shipping containers. Shipping containers are very robust, come pre-built and you can store very heavy items in them. Its easier to store a large amount of garden equipment (neatly) within by using our heavy-duty racking systems that hold up to 600kg of a Uniformly Distributed Load per shelf. So, no need to leave those big bags of compost outside the shed anymore!

Just think a proper place to put everything garden and garage related on a neat and sturdy racking system that we’ve designed to fit within shipping containers!

Shipping containers have a massive floor loading capacity thanks to their sturdy floors that are supported by heavy-duty cross rails. On average, they’re designed to hold some 30 tones of cargo so, your average collection of garden implements will pose no problem to this behemoth!

Shipping containers are a lot more secure than most garden sheds and the ones we supply come with our 12-month wind & watertight guarantee.

So, which of our shipping containers do you choose?

Option 1 – Used

CARU 288600.4 picture 2 20 foot Green Shipping Containers BirminghamThis range of used shipping containers are all inspected in depot and professionally repaired prior to delivery and are supplied with good working cargo doors, good door seals and a solid marine ply floor. Whilst these units will have picked up some dents and have minor surface rust, they can easily be repainted in our depot or you can opt to do this yourself. We always recommend re-painting the unit in a dark colour, preferably green as this has the tendency to soften the look of the container and help it blend in to the background.

These units are structurally sound and are wind & watertight making them ideal for use as garden sheds.

Option 2 – Refurbished

10ft refurbished in greenOur refurbished shipping container range are made to order and ideal if you have a specific size unit (length wise) that you require. We use standard ISO shipping containers to produce these units. Typically, our refurbished range is produced using used container but we can use a new container if you wish. We then fit a set of our easy open flat panel doors and a heavy-duty lock box to protect the padlock from bolt cutters etc. These units can be repainted externally in a basic RAL colour of your choice.

We can modify any of our containers to include items such as personnel doors, windows, lights and power points so you get a shed that’s produced to meet your needs.

Option 3 – New/One Trips

20-ft-hc-green-ral-shipping-container-003New/One trip shipping containers will offer the best long-term value and should last some 2 – 3 longer than a used container and should you decide to sell the unit, you’ll get a better price when compared to selling a container that was classified as used when you bought it. Whilst these are classified as new units, they will have some dents caused by their one trip from China but otherwise, they’ll be far better looking than a used unit.

New container come with a factory fitted lock box (to protect the padlock) and when used in conjunction with one of our shipping container padlocks, the containers are very secure. If you want to improve security of any of our containers, you may wish to consider buying one of our shipping container alarms. Our alarms can be mains or battery powered and once activated, they will send a text to your mobile alerting you of the break in.

Access considerations

But, what happens if my garden is in the middle of a row of terraced houses? Whilst we’ve focussed on shipping containers in place of wooden garden sheds, there other options we supply that are easy to move as they come un-assembled and can be carried, panel by panel, in to the garden by two people.

Standard flat pack range of garden storage sheds

0_flat pack container 3Our standard flat pack range is a useful, flexible option for anyone with limited access to their garden. The units are provided un-assembled making it easy to move each panel in to the garden where the unit can be assembled in situ. Our range starts with a 2m x 2m galvanised unit (also available with a green or blue finish) through to a larger 4m x 2m unit and if you need an even larger unit, then two units of the same width can be linked together to make an even longer container.

Whilst we’re suggesting these units can be used for garden storage, they can also be used on allotments, as tack rooms or storage of archive files etc.

These unit are supplied with a 3 to 4-week lead time and can be delivered or collected from our warehouse in Surrey.

New flat pack range of garden sheds

Metal Garden Storage Shed 2However, our latest range of garden sheds whilst supplied flat packed, has a full assembly service available (for an additional charge) or you can build the unit yourself. Some of the sheds in our new range offer very secure garden storage and in some cases, have been given the ‘secured by design’ approval following rigorous testing by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

These units are designed and manufactured in the UK from heavy gauge galvanised steel with a heavy-duty floor. The units need to go on hard-standing and may be secured to this using the fixings provided.

They are available in a choice of 3-colours (green, brown and ivory) and are made to order with a lead time of about 6-weeks.

The units are delivered as a set of individual panels with all fixings and assembly instructions and, in some cases, can be supplied with storage hooks and heavy-duty eyelets to hold bungee cords in place.

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