T Code System Classifications for ISO Tank Containers

The IMO classifications for ISO Tank Containers has been replaced by the ‘T’ code system. The T-Code system specifies the test pressure of each type of tank container, its shell thickness, the pressure relief set-up and the bottom and top outlet arrangement. T-Code instructions apply to dangerous goods in classes 1 and 3 through 9. Class 2. The T-Code system for tank containers was introduced in 2001. The T-Code system identifies tank containers from T1 […]

Shipping Container Barns

Barns made from Shipping Containers Making barns using shipping containers can be a really cost-effective method for the construction of barns or storage sheds using either new or used shipping containers as an integral part of the building. This quick and easy option keeps costs down as you don’t need to dig foundations and lead times are greatly reduced. You can create a very useful working/storage space using a single layer or double stacked layer […]

Shipping Container Site Clearance: Banbury, Oxfordshire

Cheap Shipping Containers in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. Budget Shipping Containers are pleased to announce that we have a large site clearance underway in the Banbury area and we can offer unbeatable prices on 40ft shipping containers for anyone in the Oxfordshire area as well as surrounding counties. We have 66x 40ft high cube shipping containers to clear. 64 are wind & watertight and have been used for storage of stock items. Most […]

Shipping Container Staircases and Fabricated Products

Staircases and ramps for shipping containers At Budget Shipping Containers we have a dedicated fabrication team for all of our staircases, platforms and ramps. With years of experience our dedicated team of fabricators have a number of standard product to offer (such as staircases for accessing a double stacked shipping container), plus we can also help customers design and build a niche or specialised product to help with their container operation. We produce ramps, staircases, […]

Big Shipping Containers

If you have a lot of gear to ship or store, then a big shipping container might be a great way to go for you. In this guide we detail the types of big shipping containers that are available to buy in the UK, and we offer a few buyers tips to help you get the best value from your big shipping containers When storing goods, big shipping containers will offer excellent value secure weatherproof […]

Shipping Container Sweat Condensation Treatments

We have a range of condensation treatments for treating shipping container sweat. In this guide we detail why sweat forms in shipping containers and the range of treatment options that we can offer. Where does sweat come from in shipping containers and why? There are millions of tonnes of cargo stored or transported in shipping containers and huge amounts of goods are damaged by shipping container sweat. Container rain is another name for container sweat […]

How do you insulate a shipping container?

Many customers would like to insulate their own shipping container to help keep it warm inside and help prevent any condensation build up. This is a service we can offer in our depots but as it can be a major cost, some customers would like to take this on themselves. In this guide we detail the basic considerations and processes to take when doing your own insulation inside a shipping container. Many different uses may […]

Agricultural Storage and Secure Shipping Container Farm Storage

More than just a big metal box We supply shipping containers to farmers across the UK who primarily use them for secure agricultural storage for feed and small farm machinery, quad bikes etc. However, the range of uses goes way beyond these. Jeffries Farm, for instance, have so far had two 20ft shipping containers from us, one of which they are converting by dividing the container with an internal partition. They are then installing a […]

45ft Shipping Containers for Sale

45ft shipping containers are the largest available size of shipping container in the UK, in this guide we detail everything you might want to know about 45ft containers and how to get best value if you are looking for a 45ft container. Aren’t 60ft containers the really big ones? 60ft shipping containers do exist, but they are too large to move on any UK roads (and this is the same for most of Europe) 60ft […]

Temperature Controlled Tank Containers

There are three types of temperature-controlled tank containers available including refrigerated, heated and super insulated. Typical industry applications include the movement of: Waxes and latex Food and drinks Medial & pharmaceutical Resins & urethanes Chemicals Construction and building materials Mining Military Refrigerated tank containers This type of temperature-controlled container may use brine, synthetic oil, propylene glycol or ethylene glycol to refrigerate the contents. Reefer units are used to transport temperature sensitive cargoes whilst others are […]