Shipping Containers for Allotments

Llandaff North Allotments in Cardiff are now the proud owners of a one trip 20ft shipping container. With 20ft shipping containers coming in a lot cheaper and stronger than similarly sized shed options, shipping containers make excellent storage units for allotments who may often have concerns over vandalism or theft of tools and machinery. Going for a new (one trip) shipping container was the right decision for the allotments because they wanted a professional looking […]

Shelf Brackets and Pipe Racks for your Shipping Container!

Here at Budget Shipping Containers we can supply you with a wide range of Shelving and Pipe Rack options to fit your exact specifications! Shipping Container Shelf Brackets Shelf Brackets are a cost effective DIY storage solution that help keep your cargo neatly against the walls of the container and not on the floor. These brackets are easy to install and as little as three brackets can give shelving capacity for the length of a 20ft shipping container! The […]

February Shipping Container Offers!

We have secured a number of low price and high quality stock across the U.K! Please see below some of the fantastic deals we currently have available! Aside from these super deals, we do have the largest online range of shipping containers for sale in our online shop / catalogue area for you to browse, and if your after any particular container, please feel free to contact us or you can request a quote online.   20ft Used […]

15ft Shipping Containers

15ft Shipping Containers 15ft shipping containers are not the most common size of shipping container, but here at Budget Shipping Containers we can modify and develop them to fit your exact specifications! These containers are cut down and modified from either 20fts or 40fts and are made to order. These containers are ideal for customers who do not have the room for a traditional 20ft container but want the same level of quality and security. We can […]

Ex Hanjin Line Shipping Containers for Sale in London

31st August 2016: Hanjin line – the worlds 7th largest shipping line files for Bankruptcy protection. Leaving an estimated $14bn of cargo, stranded in 400,000 Shipping containers around the world in ports, depots and on Hanjins 97 Container ships. This is the largest shipping industry collapse in modern times and has sent shock waves through the industry, but for the savvy storage container buyer this represents a great opportunity to source some excellent quality containers […]

Ply Lined Shipping Containers

Ply lining and insulating is a very popular modification for shipping containers, we are doing it more and more as we develop ideas for affordable office space or even living quarters! We can line out any size container to suit your needs and create anything from security offices, ice cream bars or simply condensation free storage! Not the most complicated job in the world and some of our for ‘DIY friendly’ clients choose to do […]

1001 Uses for a #ShippingContainer #154: A Great Wall!

Yes, you read that right, a video from TechInsider showcased an ingenious method to install a barrier over a significance distance in a minimal amount of time! The truck pulls a standard Shipping Container along a set route whilst constantly letting out an accordion effect of barrier out of the back, therefore creating a barrier in little to no time! Perhaps this is one for President Donald Trump? Here’s a rough breakdown on our idea […]

Side Opening Shipping Containers

At Budget Shipping Containers we boast biggest online range of side opening shipping containers for sale in the UK!  These ready to ship containers offer excellent capacity, easy flexible access and a superb level of security. They are ideal if you need to store pallets for quick and easy access, large oversize items or for emergency response setups where you may need access to a variety of kit at very short notice. They eradicate the issue of […]

Shipping Containers with Electrics

Budget Shipping Containers do offer shipping containers with electrics fitted prior to delivery. If you know what you want, great, otherwise just ask and we can quote you for some of our most popular options. With shipping containers having such a wide variety of uses and applications one clients electric requirements can be drastically different from the next – hence why we don’t offer ‘packages’ so to speak. If the client has an understanding of when they’re using the container […]

Shipping Container Skates

Shipping container skates are another fantastic way to get your container where you need it; whether that’s in an exhibition hall, shopping centre, warehouse or simply rolling under some particularly low branches and telephone wires. Shipping container skates are carried by the majority of our hauliers and as long as we know in advance of delivery, and know where we’re going with it, skating a container into position should not only be doable but also […]