White and Grey Shipping Containers

White Shipping Containers We regularly have customers who come to us looking for a white shipping container. White shipping containers are prominent on the continent, but they are very few and far between in the UK. The issue with white containers is that dinks and dents are easier to see than traditional darker coloured containers. Darker colours offer a certain degree of camouflage, whether you are placing the container in your field or garden or [...]

Shipping Container With Sliding Skids

Shipping Container with skids for Earlswood Methodist Church One customer recently got in contact to ask about moving a shipping container on grass... Now usually we advise against delivering or moving a container on grass due to the risk of rot and the risk that a container could sink into the ground over time, but we had a plan.... Once we had a plan in place for the delivery we got to work on the [...]

How is a Shipping Container delivered? *VIDEO*

A good percentage of our customers have never had a shipping container delivered before. We get requests from customer who require big containers in the smallest of spaces. Therefore our team of experts do their best to advise them on how much room the delivery truck will need, what ground is best for a delivery and what overhead obstructions to look out for. We run a nationwide network of hiab delivery subcontractors to help deliver [...]

Shipping Container Cafe Conversion for Battlesports Gloucester

Custom Designed Shipping Container for Sports Facilities Back in October 2017, we were approached by Sarah From Battlesports Glos. They were initially after some shipping containers to covert for use at their Laser quest facility in Newenham Gloucestershire. Having setup just over 6 years ago; Battlesports offer Laser Combat scenarios, Bushcraft and Survival events as well as corporate events and parties. Care of their outstanding success in recent years they have recently relocated to Newnham [...]

New quick build flat pack container range

New for 2018, we are proud to launch our new range of ‘Quick Build’ flat pack storage containers. Quite genuinely it couldn't get much easier! There are absolutely no tools required to assemble these units. You just need 2 people to move the panels and assemble the unit. These flat pack units arrive neatly nested together in a single, forklift-able unit. We can also deliver these with a Hiab crane equipped vehicle if you don't [...]

ISO Tank Container Loading and Unloading Procedure

Please note this is not a definitive guide for the unloading or loading of an ISO Tank Container. This is just an overview of the procedure and is provided purely for interest. When loading or unloading an ISO tank container, the methods used will vary by type of cargo. Overview of procedures Loading noxious or cargoes that yield hazardous vapours For noxious or cargoes that yield hazardous vapours, loading or unloading through the top or [...]

T Code System Classifications for ISO Tank Containers

The IMO classifications for ISO Tank Containers has been replaced by the ‘T’ code system. The T-Code system specifies the test pressure of each type of tank container, its shell thickness, the pressure relief set-up and the bottom and top outlet arrangement. T-Code instructions apply to dangerous goods in classes 1 and 3 through 9. Class 2. The T-Code system for tank containers was introduced in 2001. The T-Code system identifies tank containers from T1 [...]

Shipping Container Barns

Barns made from Shipping Containers Making barns using shipping containers can be a really cost-effective method for the construction of barns or storage sheds using either new or used shipping containers as an integral part of the building. This quick and easy option keeps costs down as you don’t need to dig foundations and lead times are greatly reduced. You can create a very useful working/storage space using a single layer or double stacked layer [...]

Shipping Container Site Clearance: Banbury, Oxfordshire

Cheap Shipping Containers in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. Budget Shipping Containers are pleased to announce that we have a large site clearance underway in the Banbury area and we can offer unbeatable prices on 40ft shipping containers for anyone in the Oxfordshire area as well as surrounding counties. We have 66x 40ft high cube shipping containers to clear. 64 are wind & watertight and have been used for storage of stock items. Most [...]

Shipping Container Staircases and Fabricated Products

Staircases and ramps for shipping containers At Budget Shipping Containers we have a dedicated fabrication team for all of our staircases, platforms and ramps. With years of experience our dedicated team of fabricators have a number of standard product to offer (such as staircases for accessing a double stacked shipping container), plus we can also help customers design and build a niche or specialised product to help with their container operation. We produce ramps, staircases, [...]