Shipping Containers for Football Clubs

Football clubs, big or small, always require storage for their equipment. whether it be football goals, kits, training equipment or even seating, shipping containers can provide an effective storage solution for your football club. They can also be easily converted by our team of engineers to changing rooms, shower units,  toilet blocks, stands and more. Shipping containers can be modified to suit your football clubs needs, so if it is just a basic unit or [...]

Repainting spec for Refurbished Shipping Containers

This guide is intended as a simple reference guide to explain the exact repainting spec for refurbished shipping containers. There can be a fair bit of variance within the industry on a refurbished specification with different companies offering different specs and prices for what may be referred to as the same item (ie a refurbished 20ft container). In this guide we try to make as clear as possible the spec we are offering. Repainting spec [...]

Shipping Containers for the Freight Industry

Shipping containers for the freight industry may seem like a very common use for our shipping containers, but in reality its very rare that you need to buy your own container for export - as most of the time you will be able to 'borrow' a free shipping line owned container for your shipping job around the globe. We supply a number of freight forwarders with shippers owned containers (containers owned by the customer as [...]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #173: Parking Attendant Booth

Our latest article is on this fantastic shipping container parking booth which is situated in Ohio, USA. Constructed from a 40ft container that has been turned on its head and modified appropriate to make the perfect attendant and office space. The 40ft container stands out and is a beacon of information for everyone looking to park their car in that area of the city. As well as providing space for a parking attendant, it also [...]

CORTEN Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are manufactured using a product called COR-TEN steel sometimes this is written as ‘corten steel’. COR-TEN steel or weathering steel is a special group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting. The weathering process of this steel eventually produces a rust-like appearance overtime due to exposure to weather. The name COR-TEN is a registered trademark held by U.S. Steel with the name COR-TEN being derived from the two [...]

Shipping Container Insulation

Our 20ft and 40ft DIY shipping container insulation kits provide an easy and cost-effective way to reduce condensation within a shipping or storage container, whilst providing good thermal insulation and it can help save money on refrigerated container costs for certain types of cargo that are being exported. This really easy to install system consists of 4mm sheets of insulation that perform as well as polystyrene of about 55mm in thickness! This product is supplied [...]

What is a ‘one trip’ Shipping Container?

What is a one trip Shipping Container? A one trip shipping container is essentially a new shipping container. It has been built in the factory (most likely in China) and done one international trip from the factory to the destination country since new. One trip shipping containers are usually moved to this destination country with freight inside, this help keep the cost of transportation down as the freight will effectively pay for the transport for [...]

Melamine Lined Shipping Containers

Wipe Clean Container Lining We regularly get customers looking for a container with a smart and clean internal finish. In particular this applies to those working in the catering or construction industry, who need a clean and dry place to work. This is where melamine lined shipping containers are ideal as, not only do they protect against condensation, but they also provide a smart and wipe clean internal surface, something that is crucial in the [...]

White Shipping Containers

White and Grey Shipping Containers We regularly have customers looking for a white shipping container. White shipping containers are popular on the continent, but they are very few and far between in the UK. The issue with white containers is that dinks and dents are easier to see than on traditional darker coloured containers. Darker colours offer a certain degree of camouflage, whether you are placing the container in your field or garden or in [...]

Shipping Container with Skids

Shipping Container with sliding skids for Earlswood Methodist Church A customer recently got in contact to ask about moving a shipping container on grass. Now usually we advise against delivering or moving a container on grass due to the risk of rot and the risk that a container could sink into the ground over time, but we had a plan... The space available was not large enough for a standard 20ft container, so we custom [...]