10ft Shipping Containers (Refurbished)

10ft refurbished container
10ft Blue refurbished containerFlat pannel doors on refurbished shipping containerRefurbished shipping container with flat pannel doorsrefurbished container10ft reconditioned containerrefurbished shipping container10ft refurbished in green20170217_16274310ft blue shipping container
  • 10ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • Wind & watertight guaranteed
  • Repainted (in your choice of basic RAL colour)
  • High security lock box included
  • Good solid floor, clean and tidy interiors (cosmetics¬†vary slightly)
  • Typically made to order with a circa 2 week lead time (occasional units in stock ready to go)
  • Regional price variations will apply, listed price is correct from our London depot

Price from: £1,100.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 2182.

These refurbished 10ft shipping containers are fantastic value and ideal for storage use. The examples shown are ones we have previously supplied. These 10ft shipping containers all come wind and watertight guaranteed, freshly repainted externally to your colour choice and with a high security lock box included.

Individual specs vary slightly between depots in the UK. In London and Liverpool, we offer our easy open flat panel door option as standard on all 10ft shipping containers (a newly constructed door made from sheet steel with a box section frame for rigidity). Prices can also vary. While the £1100 + VAT posted is correct from our London depot, prices from other locations will vary as economies of scale have a big impact on price.

Our flat panel doors are shown with 1 locking rod on the example pictures, The sheet steel we use is as least as thick as the steel used in the sides of a shipping container (1.6-1.8mm thick) and we always add a box section frame for rigidity and we add a rain guard above the door. The original container doors are shown with 4 vertical locking rods and are much heavier to operate, but they do come with a heavy-duty rubber seal on the doors

Please be aware these are made from second hand containers, so the cosmetics of the original containers can vary (prior to them being cut and repainted). You can expect some dents, creases, minor surface rust under the paintwork and repairs to the container chassis, but you are assured of a structurally sound, clean looking, wind and water tight container. The insides will be clean and tidy, and will usually be painted to match the container or in a neutral colour.

Please also note than when cutting up a larger container to make our 10ft refurbished shipping containers we do have to work within the constraints of the corrugation on the sides of the container. This means an approximate 10cm / 4-inch tolerance in the length dimension, so if you have a specific space that this container must fit into, or if you have an item of a specific size to put inside the container, then please let us know early on and we can work to meet your specific requirements.

In many circumstances, a standard used 20ft container (not repainted) will be the same cost or maybe an even cheaper option. So, if you have the space please ask us to quote you for a used 20ft unit as well, or of course if this all appears a little alien, please feel free to call us at any time on our Freephone number. We have experienced and helpful humans on standby and we can always discuss options and help make suggestions for a specific problem, project or space to fill.

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