40ft Shipping Containers (Used)

40ft used container
40ft used container glasgow3333dsc_046440ft Container Birmingham40ft used Container Birmingham40ft used Container40ft used containers manchester40ft used Containerdsc_0465
  • 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • For site storage or export use
  • Wind & Watertight guaranteed
  • Corten steel construction (COR-TEN A grade)
  • Double cargo doors at one end offering full opening
  • Minimum 6 month CSC plate (for export use)
  • Full sets of cargo lashing points
  • Circa 28mm thick marine plywood floor
  • Price correct for London (In Southampton, Felixstowe, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester prices vary)

Price from: £1,140.00 £1,000.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 2131.

Our range of used 40ft shipping containers offer fantastic value if you have a lot of stuff to store, and typically offer near £1000 saving over using 2 separate 20ft containers. The pictures above are intended to give you an idea of the general appearance although its important to highlight that individual used shipping containers will have differing degrees of dinks and surface rust so they are all sold ‘cosmetics not guaranteed’.

These used 40ft shipping containers all come in a good structurally sound condition with good doors, door seals and floor guaranteed. All our containers are checked prior to sale and when sold for site storage use come with a 12 month guarantee against natural water or weather ingress. Built from Corten (COR-TEN A Grade) steel, any rust that does form on these shipping containers is non-porous (it won’t let water through the rust layer) meaning they will take an extremely long time to rust away.

As well as our rage of 40ft standard height (8ft 6 high) shipping containers we also have a range of 40ft High Cube Containers which are 9ft 6 high instead of 8ft 6 high. These high cube containers are especially handy if you wish to store high items, stack pallets or use a fork lift inside your shipping container for loading and unloading. These high cube containers are typically only a snip more expensive but regional variations will apply to prices. Our general advice – if you’re going to use this extra height then the high cube containers are well worth the extra, if you aren’t – they aren’t!

All our standard used 40ft shipping containers are sourced directly from shipping industry use. We won’t be offering you an older container that has been previously purchased as used and then (for example) used by a farmer for 5-10 years for storage before being sold back to us without making it clear to you. (these pre-used containers would be sold at a discount when available but would also offer a shorter life)

If you need something smarter we can look to repaint these containers, or add any number of additional modifications such as additional doors. Alternatively if you need a very smart option or are looking for a permanent fixture we would suggest considering a one trip (new build) 40ft container, you are always welcome to call our office and speak to us about your specific job / requirements and we can recommend options for you.

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Technical Information for 40ft Shipping Containers

Please note whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, some measurements (notably internal measurements) can vary slightly with the development and modernisation of manufacturing techniques over time with different manufacturers of equipment and with different additional features. If you have a specific sized problem or item to load that’s near these dims please double check with us in advance and if needs be we will get someone to measure your exact container before delivery.

The following technical data was taken from one range of new 40ft standard and 40ft high cube end opening containers.

40ft standard end opening dry containers and 40ft high cube containers

Length 40ft (12.19m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m) stadnard height or 9ft 6ins (2.90m) high cubes
Length 12.032m
Width 2.352m
Height 2.393m (standard height) or 2.698m (high cube)
Door Opening
Width 2.340m
Height 2.393m (standard height) or 2.585m (high cube)
Floor Marine plywood circa 28mm thick
Cubic Capacity below load line 67.7 cu.m (Standard height) or 76.4cu.m (high cube)
Weight 3660-3840 kgs
Max Cargo (Export only) 28000 Kgs +
Fork Pockets  Typically no longer provided, when provided only for empty movement