Shipping Container Canopy (40ft)

Shipping Container Canopy
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  • Fantastic value covered space
  • Can be erected atop any original 40ft shipping container and double stacked containers.
  • Built from galvanised heavy duty 60mm steelwork with 50mm galvanised bracings
  • Heavy duty 520gsm fire retardant PVC cover meets and exceeds BD 7837:1996
  • Made from max 2m steelwork sections allowing for easy & economical maintenance
  • Cover also supplied in 2m sections allowing for cost effective replacement if damaged
  • Self build instructions provided, or installation service also available at additional cost

Dee Panel and End Panel

  • Made from the same 520gsm Fire retardant PVC covering.
  • The end panel is adjustable to fit with different container sizes

Price from: £3,625.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 2353.

Fancy a load more space than a shipping container can give? A shipping container canopy can either be self built or we can provide a team to come out and install it for you. With this option container space can cost as little as 40 pence per cubic foot and so offers a great way to get a lot of space, fast! The list of possible applications is almost endless, from a temporary barn or bus depot, workshops, painting bays, event stages the list goes on.

The shipping container canopy (or container awning) structure is designed to be easily built and dismantled and can be used for temporary or semi-permanent requirements. It is built out of max 2m sections that can be easily and cost effectively replaced in the event of damage and has been designed and brought to market by a company specialising in farmers polytunnels, so they are very experienced with similar structures.

The framework is built from heavy duty 60mm steelwork with galvanised finish, with a heavy duty 520gsm fire retardant PVC covering that meets and exceeds BS 7837:1996. The cover is supplied in 2m sections which are easier to handle, store, install and replace if necessary.

You can see a brief 2 minute video showing our canopies in action here:

With the top of the canopy at 2880mm above the height of the containers you put them on (externally) and with between 4500mm and 8400mm width between the containers the ‘rain-free’ space you gain is impressive. Height wise internally you get, on a standard container, 5284mm from floor to internal centre of canopy (which would be 5584mm using high cube containers)

You can also add these shipping container canopies to double stacked shipping containers – when using high cubes this can give you a massive 19ft of clearance from the floor to just the bottom of the canopy; and with double decker buses running at 14-15ft high most operations will be hard pushed to struggle with that sort of space capacity under these canopies! Double stacked standard height containers will give 7874mm (which is over 25ft!) of space from floor to the top of the canopy internally.

Also these are now available with an end frame cover and ‘D’ panel options to allow for a more enclosed space.

For installation you will firstly require a good flat base to build on. You will require a cherry picker or similar platform for working at heights is needed and the canopy comes with complete instructions for self-assembly. For your first canopy we suggest a crew of 3 people should have it done in 2 days. The canopy and the containers must all be on a flat, level base without gradient. If this is not possible we suggest you will need to support the base of each shipping container to ensure the containers are level with each other to provide a flat base for the shipping container canopy structure to sit on. If the containers are not level the canopy itself will not be able to sit properly on the containers.

Much like a farmers polytunnel, we do suggest to plan for small amounts of ongoing maintenance on your shipping container canopy, an annual check over and perhaps ordering more parts if any have got damaged from high winds or from contact with plant. For this reason building your own canopy in the first instance is a handy idea as it will mean you easily able to maintain the canopy.

We can supply a team to come and install the shipping container canopy for you, this is a 3 man 2-3 day job and costs will vary depending on mileage. Method statements and risk assessments are available in advance, and our fitters have cherry picker licences that can also be made available for inspection on request.

Because of its range of uses across many industries we have canopies to fit both 20ft and 40ft containers, please contact us for more information.We are able to offer longer canopy structures on request – but the canopy must always sit on 20ft or 40ft shipping containers.

Prices for 40ft canopies start at circa £3625 + VAT , with mainland delivery and without installation or end /D panels.

Installation prices will vary depended on geography, if contacting us for a quote to include installation we will please need to know where we will be building this shipping container canopy for you.

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‘D’ Panel £497.19 +VAT
Gable End with door £1540 +VAT
Fabricated Hinge Door £1700 +VAT
Company Logo both sides £99 +VAT
Colours available (standard material used is white):
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Any of the above colours £150 +VAT