Shipping Container Canopy

container canopy cover
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  • 20ft and 40ft options available
  • Built from galvanised heavy duty 60mm steel
  • Heavy duty 610gsm fire retardant PVC cover

Container canopies start at £2,500 each, including UK mainland delivery (excluding highlands).

International and volume enquiries welcome.

Price from: POA

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 2353.

Fancy a load more space than a container can give? A shipping container canopy can either be self built or we can provide a team to come out and install it for you. With this option container space can cost as little as 40 pence per cubic foot and so offers a great way to get a lot of space, fast!

The container canopy (or container awning) structure is designed to be easily built and dismantled and can be used for temporary or semi-permanent requirements. It is built out of max 2m sections that can be easily and cost effectively replaced in the event of damage.

The framework is built from heavy duty 60mm steelwork with galvanised finish, with a heavy duty 610gsm fire retardant PVC covering that meets and exceeds BS 7837:1996. The cover is supplied in 2m sections which are easier to handle, store, install and replace if necessary.

With the top of the canopy at 2880mm above the height of the containers you put them on (or total height on a standard container = 5750mm from floor to centre of canopy), and with between 4500 and 8700 mm width inside the ‘rain-free’ space you gain is impressive.

Because of its range of uses across many industries we have canopies to fit both 20ft and 40ft containers, please contact us for more information.

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