Shipping Container Lock Boxes

slim lock box on one trip container
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  • Steel plates welded to the cargo doors shrouding the padlock
  • Rough external size (mm): 150H x 230W x 50D (sizes will vary dependant on area/depots)
  • Prevents forced entry through vulnerable padlock jimmying (chisels, crow bars)
  • Prevents forced entry through cutting tools (bolt-cutters, angle grinders)
  • Our high security Masterlock or CISA padlocks fit perfectly.

Price applies when a container is purchased from us:

Price from: £50.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 2306.

Shipping container lock boxes (or cowl lock housing) are essentially anti-vandal padlock surrounds which fit to the cargo doors of your container to cover your padlock. The lock box encloses the padlock so it is only accessible from the underside – a very popular option with our containers being used for storage (So much so that new containers are now being manufactured with slim line lock boxes as standard) When purchasing used containers these additions are a great feature to keep your belongings safer and securer.

We would suggest purchasing one of our Masterlock Shipping Container padlocks for an additional £35.00 + VAT or the industry standard Cisa Padlocks for £45.00 + VAT each. With a lock box and a padlock it gives you piece of mind that your container is highly secure.

If you purchase a ‘one trip’ new container from us –  There will already be a slim line lock box fitted! (slim line boxes are built and fitted within the ISO standard so the container can still be shipped) See the first few photos for examples of a slim line lock box. Our refurbished containers will have a much ‘chunkier’ custom made lock box similar to the last four photos.

We would always recommend, if you are using the container for site storage use, to get a lock box and a container padlock from us for the complete ‘security package’ We can provide containers with or without lockboxes. All our used containers are sourced from shipping lines or leasing companies, so there are no lock boxes on them yet, it is entirely your choice. Just make sure at the point of order it is clearly stated whether you do or do not want one!

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