February 2015

How to ship a car in a Shipping Container

If you are wondering how to ship a car in a shipping container, hopefully, we can cover the best options available to you. Many people swear by shipping containers to move things around the globe. Others, when it comes to cars, trucks and other vehicles, say roll on roll off services are the best way to do it (RORO). In this guide we will simply tell you what options you have when shipping your car [...]

How to load a car in a Shipping Container

This guide will help you load a car in a shipping container securely. Not only do you need to ensure it is secure for the duration of the shipment (while at sea) but also when the container is being loading or unloading at the ports. In this guide we cover chocking and strapping - the most popular way to secure a car in a container. When loading a car in a shipping container we suggest you [...]

Loading a shipping container for export

How to safely load a shipping container Please note some very important safety points. Generally speaking you (the shipper or the person sending the cargo) will be responsible for everything to do with your shipment. The safe packing and loading of cargo is paramount If your cargo isn’t secured properly it may Roll around in your container on a boat and destroy your cargo, plus perhaps damage the cargo in neighbouring containers (which you would [...]

Shipping Containers for Garden Storage

Shipping containers for garden storage make an ideal replacement for a shed or more permanent structure. More and more we're finding garden centres, allotment associations and keen gardeners after a secure place to store their garden equipment or garden machinery. So when Joseph Rochford Gardens Ltd approached us needing garden storage containers for their 25 acre site in Hertfordshire we knew exactly how to help. As they needed containers to fit neatly into a specific area [...]

Buying a shipping container for export use

This guide is intended to help customers who may be looking to source their own shipping container to export cargo globally. If you would be looking for a shipping container for static storage use please check out our other guides Important first tip for new exporters / Reasons to buy a shipping container for export use You normally won’t need to buy a shipping container if you just want to ship goods from A to [...]

6ft Shipping Containers

Our range of 6ft shipping containers are excellent for a variety of smaller secure storage requirements and are pretty much our smallest offering. Ideal for garden and home storage units, tool sheds, bike stores, archives or even just junk rooms these small shipping containers are becoming more and more popular. As a 6ft shipping container is not a standard size in the shipping industry, here's a brief guide on what we can offer for anyone [...]