Types of shipping container for export use

This guide is an introduction to the different types of shipping container that are available, with the most popular types of shipping container for export use used in the industry as well as the specialised types of shipping container used for moving temperature controlled goods, liquids and more. The most popular types of shipping container…Read more  →Types of shipping container for export use

Shipping Containers for Plantlife Medway

Plantlife & Medway Council's site Ranscome Farm Reserve is looking very 'green' indeed after a pair of refurbished 20ft Shipping Containers were delivered last month. When maximum space was needed, and a fresh look to match, our refurbished shipping container range stood head and shoulders above the rest. With Plantlife's 'go green or go home' attitude we had…Read more  →Shipping Containers for Plantlife Medway

Shipping Container for BaseFit Shoreditch

London's newest and funkiest way to exercise has arrived in Shoreditch! BaseFit is the gateway to an active lifestyle designed to build your Base fitness, giving you a platform to enjoy a fit and healthy life. Our customised high spec new build shipping container provides the ideal place to securely store all their exercise kit. Its easy as pie…Read more  →Shipping Container for BaseFit Shoreditch

Shipping containers for storage of Gliding equipment

After Shennington Gliding Club's recent kind words posted on our Facebook page we couldn't let their experience pass without a little thank you. Needing some secure storage for their aircraft, but also needing to have a container that wasn't garish and would blend in with the surrounding area, they opted for one of our 40ft refurbished…Read more  →Shipping containers for storage of Gliding equipment

11ft Shipping Containers

Are 11ft Shipping Containers a thing? 11ft shipping containers are not available as a standard option, but we do have a lot of customers with a very specific gap to fill, or an item of a specific size to store that requires a custom made 11ft shipping container. We have yards across the UK specialising…Read more  →11ft Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers for Paintball Fields

When Top Dog Paintball approached us asking for help with a replacement canteen and kit issue area, we were more than happy to suggest this bespoke conversion of a used 40ft shipping container. Using shipping containers for Paintball facilities offers great value for money, excellent custom paint options and at over 90% recycled this really…

Tips for setting up a container self-storage business

Self storage sites are becoming increasingly popular. With less and less storage space available in newly built houses and with many smaller industrial operations and offices needing to squeeze every penny from every square foot, self-storage using shipping containers has become a very attractive option both privately and as a business. Increasingly, individual who trade…Read more  →Tips for setting up a container self-storage business

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