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Choosing a new, used or refurbished shipping container for storage use

This guide is intended to give the reader some general pointers when deciding whether a new, used or refurbished shipping container would be best for them. This guide is intended for people looking for a shipping container to store their goods in, If your planning a conversion project or if you want to export your container please check out our other beginners guides or of course contact us at any time. New Shipping Containers New shipping containers [...]

What types of shipping container are available for storage use?

This guide is intended to give the reader a brief idea of what types of shipping container are available for storage use. If you’re wanting to use your shipping container for export use there's a wider range of specialist shipping containers available that wouldn't typically be used for storage so please check our other guides or contact us if you are using your container for export use and not storage use. As standard all shipping [...]

What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are used to move freight around the globe, around 85% of the goods imported into the UK arrive in a shipping container of one type or another and the concept of shipping containers has helped revolutionise global trade over the past 60 years. They keep the freight clean, dry, anonymous and secure for transit and incredibly well engineered. Modern shipping containers used in the freight industry will all have a pair of end [...]

New container ranges in stock for 2015

For 2015 we are proud to announce our biggest ever range of new and used shipping containers. Joining the fleets this year we are offering new side opening ranges as well as adding hazardous chemical stores. 20ft High cube side opening shipping containers 9ft 6 high 20ft shipping containers with full opening side access. Fantastic for quick and easy secure pallet storage, and extra high allowing many customers to stack pallets inside. (please click the [...]

Welcome to our new website

It may look the same but we have been busy adding some seriously improved usability over the Christmas period. In our new sales area you can now easily browse and filter for all types and sizes of shipping container making it easier than ever to get a clear idea of the ranges and options available. With filter options for price, size, condition and location it’s never been easier to see what options are available in [...]