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Shipping Containers with Electrics

Budget Shipping Containers do offer shipping containers with electrics fitted prior to delivery. If you know what you want, great, otherwise just ask and we can quote you for some of our most popular options. With shipping containers having such a wide variety of uses and applications one clients electric requirements can be drastically different from the next - hence why we don't offer 'packages' so to speak. If the client has an understanding of when they're using the container [...]

Shipping Container Skates

Shipping container skates offer a fantastic way to get your container to where you need it; whether that’s in an exhibition hall, shopping centre, warehouse or simply rolling it under some low branches or telephone wires. Shipping container skates are carried by the majority of our hauliers and as long as we know in advance of delivery, and know where we’re going with it, skating a container into position should not only be doable but [...]

TGI Fridays Shipping Container

It's not just Budget Shipping Containers customers that have enjoyed mouth watering deals this year! We have also had a taste of mouth watering all american food after supplying and delivering a brand new 20ft shipping container to TGI Fridays. Being used simply as a little extra storage space this 20ft one trip shipping container looks very smart indeed at their Cheshire Oaks site. The TGI Fridays chain is now pretty much a household name. Opening in 1965 New [...]

14ft Shipping Containers

14ft shipping containers are a non-standard size for the shipping industry and we generally only build these 14ft shipping containers to order. For customers who have a specific sized gap to fill or item to store we can however make to order 14ft shipping containers, in either a new or refurbished option. Refurbished 14ft shipping containers Our refurbished 14ft shipping containers are typically made to order in our London, Birmingham or Liverpool yards. We make these [...]

Secure Bike Storage in a Bespoke Shipping Container

It has been just over a year since Budget Shipping Containers provided a custom made 27ft refurbished shipping container for Unique, a part of the Limited Edition Cycling Club and, because the custom length build jobs just keep coming, thought it was only fair to give them a little thank you shout out! Founded in October 2010, Limited Edition Cycling is a cycling club in the Greenwich and Bexley area with a mission to encourage cycling in all [...]

Sports Club Storage

July 2016 - Langton Green Community Sports Association in Kent have just taken delivery of three customised one trip shipping containers to go in with their brand new £5m sports pavilion. Spots club storage is always a tricky one when a local area may have a good number of different sports teams, all with their own equipment, requirements and timings. Fortunately shipping containers make excellent, versatile and secure units for sport club storage of all [...]

Wagamama Shipping Container

Budget Shipping Containers have been experiencing the colours and aromas of Japanese cuisine this month after supplying and delivering a refurbished 10ft shipping container to popular restaurant chain Wagamama. Being used simply as a little extra storage space this 10ft shipping container may be around the back of the building but has provided them with some much needed space inside! The Wagamama Japanese restaurant chain became popular for using fresh ingredients, cooked fresh, served fresh and [...]

Cladded Shipping Containers

Wood Cladded Shipping Containers Cladded shipping containers offer superb value secure dry storage for a huge range of options. If a rusty and dented used container isn't suitable for your site we do have a great value range of refurbished and new shipping containers for sites that need a smarter overall look. We can clad any shipping container, although these are more popular on our office conversions, we can also clad basic storage containers as [...]

Shipping Container for Battle Archery

Budget Shipping Containers have recently supplied and delivered a refurbished 20ft shipping container, with extra doors and windows, to Battle Archery Ltd in Bristol. With the intention of being used as an office, supply/equipment store and, knowing Britain's weather, an emergency rain shelter! This green 20ft shipping container looks brilliant on site and in action! Battle Archery is a new and exciting sport, which is tactical and extremely fun for all. Its a cross between Archery [...]

Flat Pack Storage Containers

Our brand new range of flat pack storage containers offer a superb option for customers with sites that can't be accessed by very large container delivery trucks, or for tradesmen who want a quick and easy secure storage unit than can be easily packed up and cheaply moved between 2 sites or projects. These flat pack storage containers come in 3 basic sizes: 2x2M, 2x3M and 2x4M. We also can offer linking kits that allow [...]