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What can you expect from a one trip shipping container?

One trip shipping containers are the newest, best long term value shipping containers available in the UK. But what can you expect from a one trip shipping container? What happens on its initial trip? And what is acceptable damage-wise? Hopefully this article will shed some light on why these shipping containers are called ‘one trip’ as well as ‘new.’ When buying shipping containers in the UK a ‘one trip’ and ‘new’ container is the same thing. [...]

13ft Shipping Containers

Can I buy 13ft shipping containers? 13ft shipping containers are not a standard size, so no, unfortunately we can't usually supply this size  'off the shelf' from our depots. Also, you will find these can't be used for export purposes as the container terminals (ports, rail-heads etc...), boats and trucks can't handle non-standard container sizes. However, if you need a 13ft shipping container for storage use we can build you one to order in one [...]

Condensation in Shipping Containers

This is a guide to help users reduce and rectify the problem of condensation in shipping containers. If you’ve done your homework you’ll know shipping containers are fantastic for storage solutions or for exporting goods around the world. They are versatile constructions that be used for a wide range of things. If you’ve not done your homework, don’t worry, you can have a browse around the website and no doubt get all the information you [...]

Shipping Container Security

While our shipping containers are heavy duty metal boxes, and a great alternative to a shed or similar size store, shipping container security can be a problem. Especially if certain individuals think there is something of value in them. This article hopefully highlights the common problems and best solutions to shipping container security. Breaking/Cutting Padlocks If a container is on site being used for storage and has a small padlock through the locking bars, the Padlock's not [...]