October 2017

Shipping Container Modifications: Creating a Blank End for a Shipping Container

In this guide we detail the process some of our yards go through when creating a blank end for a shipping container. Its important to mention that different yards of ours do have different processes. If we are providing you with a container that been made by cutting down a bigger shipping container to size the its likely a process like this will be undertaken, but at times yards will use different techniques depending on [...]

New Shipping Container Shelving Kits

Just launched, our new range of heavy duty shipping container shelving kits designed to fit in all common sizes of shipping container. This top quality range of heavy duty shelving comes in a set of simple ranges to offer various shelving setups for your shipping container. We can also help you design a bespoke setup to fit your needs from our extensive range As standard as have chosen to offer the this super quality range care [...]

Shipping Containers for Marketing Campaigns

Shipping containers are the perfect tool to make your company stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and trade shows! They are strong, versatile and can be easily modified to create fantastic pieces of marketing artwork! A few years ago we helped out Knight Rigging Services, a rigging, stage design and events organisation with their Under Armour campaign. We supplied them with 8x 20ft shipping containers for a large scale promotional campaign which included floating the shipping [...]

Custom Shipping Container Bars

We were recently commissioned by MMedia Group to produce a custom-made bar from a second hand used shipping container. With some experience building shipping container bars this was a straightforward one for us to do, but we were bowled over with how well this came out once the customer had dressed the container, and we believe this stands out as a shining example how a bit of imagination and creativity can turn an old rusty [...]

Recycled Shipping Containers | Upcycling used Shipping Containers

The recycling of used shipping containers is becoming a very popular upcycling process with recycled shipping containers being converted in to new and interesting structures such as offices, homes, bars, coffee shops and art installations. A shipping container makes an ideal material for use in construction as they have been produced to carry heavy weights and they can be stacked in columns. Upcycling shipping containers in to buildings simplifies the entire process as they are produced to [...]

20ft Shipping Container For Warwick School

We recently delivered this 20ft Shipping Container for Warwick School. Shipping containers are a great storage solution. They offer safe, secure and weather proof storage to store anything from house hold goods all the way up to luxury cars. The 20ft new/one trip container will always offer the best value, they are typically a few months old and have only made one trip over from China where they are manufactured. Naturally they cost more than the [...]

Storing Horse Tack in Shipping Containers

Secure and good quality storage of horse tack and equipment is essential for all yards, large or small. In this guide we detail the pros and cons of storing horse tack in shipping containers, and we try and answer a lot of the common problems and worries concerned about or interested in storing horse tack in shipping containers. What makes shipping containers so good for secure horse tack room storage? Shipping Containers offer excellent quality [...]