Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping container conversions are made possible as the shipping containers themselves are manufactured from COR-TEN steel which is a solid and versatile material to work with. At budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk we receive requests for all sorts of weird and wonderful shipping container conversions from cafes to house boats! We have the capability to convert shipping containers to a variety of uses to suit your needs. Shipping Container Painting The most common shipping container conversion we undertake is [...]

Earn charity sponsorship with our Facebook challenge

In 2017 we introduced our Facebook challenge to allow our customers and fans of our Facebook page earn money towards their charity sponsorship activities and local good causes. For 2019 we are pleased to announce we are doubling the amount you can earn, either in cash towards any project (up to £100) or in money off a shipping container purchase with us (Max £200 + VAT discount)  Please read below to see how you can [...]

Timber Framed Shipping Containers

We have now introduced cladded shipping containers into our extensive range of shipping container conversion options! We recently delivered two of these new timber framed shipping containers to a very happy customer up in Scotland. David contacted us as he needed a hobby room and didn't have sufficient space in his home. We quoted him within the hour and he was impressed with the quality of workmanship our guys had conducted on previous examples of [...]

Shipping Containers for Construction Sites

Shipping containers and the construction industry have always gone hand in hand. Shipping containers offer a extremely diverse range of uses at construction sites and can be easily moved from site to site. At Budget Shipping Containers we can modify a shipping container to fit your exact requirements. Please see below the range of conversion options we offer for shipping containers for construction sites. Shipping Containers for Storage at Construction Sites Shipping containers offer reliable, cheap [...]

Green Shipping Containers

The most common shipping container colour we are asked for by far is Green. Green shipping containers blend in nicely with most rural settings. They also fit in well in many built up areas as a neutral colour. In this guide we cover the options if you want green shipping containers for storage use. If you're looking to buy or rent a green shipping container we have all the bases covered for you. Used Shipping [...]

Pallet Wide Shipping Containers

At budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk we like to think we can help out with any requirements. That includes us going above and beyond to offer, not only competitive prices, but also sound advice and a full range of options. Pallet Wide shipping containers are popular for clients storing or shipping Euro Pallets. They are approx 2 inches (5cm) wider than standard 8ft wide containers and are specifically designed for optimal transportation of cargo on Euro pallets (the exact [...]

Shipping Container Ticket Office

A couple of years ago the Warehouse Project superclub in Manchester contacted us as they were in need of a ticket office for their night club at Victoria warehouse, Manchester. They wanted a number of service windows to be cut out, making access points for party goers to collect tickets for the event. They wanted a "rustic and industrial" look for the shipping container ticket office to fit in with the aesthetics and feel of the old [...]

Shipping Containers for Allotments

Llandaff North Allotments in Cardiff are now the proud owners of a one trip 20ft shipping container! With 20ft shipping containers coming in a lot cheaper and stronger than similarly sized sheds, these make excellent storage units for allotments where there are concerns over vandalism or theft of tools and machinery. Going for a new (one trip) shipping container for their allotment was the right decision because they wanted a professional looking container as well [...]

Shelf Brackets and Pipe Racks for your Shipping Container!

We can supply you with a wide range of Shelving and Pipe Rack options to fit your exact specifications! Shipping Container Shelf Brackets Shelf Brackets are a cost effective DIY storage solution that help keep your cargo neatly against the walls of the container and not on the floor. These brackets are easy to install and as little as three brackets can give shelving capacity for the length of a 20ft shipping container! The three shelf bracket unit is [...]

February Shipping Container Offers!

We have secured a number of low price and high quality stock across the UK! Please see below some of the fantastic deals we currently have available! 20ft Used Hanjin 2010 Build in Birmingham! We have just purchased some fantastic ex Hanjin line 20ft shipping containers direct from port. Due to Hanjin going bust in late 2016 there has been some high quality / young containers feeding back into the used container market. Some of the ex Hanjin [...]