Budget Shipping Containers Christmas/New Year opening hours

We will be closed from Friday December 21st 2018 reopening on Wednesday January 2nd 2019. We will be running a skeleton team on Christmas Eve, December 27, 28 and 31 who will be able to assist with enquiries although we may not be in a position to provide a full quotation as most of the depots and haulier’s we work with will be closed from December 21st through January 2nd.   December 01st to 21st open as [...]

Cargo Doors on Refurbished Shipping Containers

When you order a refurbished container from us, it is possible to have the container supplied with the original cargo doors, providing we have spare doors in stock or are processing a container to produce refurbished units that only need flat panel doors. If you do specify a container with cargo doors, please note that these may come with 3 or 4 locking rods depending on the manufacturer. Some range of one trip (new) container [...]

Flat Panel Doors on Refurbished Shipping Containers

This guide is intended to give the user as much detail as possible on the spec for our flat panel or easy open container door option - a regular option on our refurbished container range. Typically, we install a set of our flat panel doors when we produce refurbished shipping containers unless you specifically ask for the original cargo doors with your container. These are usually cheaper and easier to operate and the steel we [...]

Shipping industry to use low-sulphur fuels by 2020

The International Maritime Organisation’s new ruling on the use of low-sulphur fuels comes in to force on January 2, 2020. This new ruling reduces the sulphur content of marine fuel to 0.5% mass by mass (m/m), down from the current 3.5% m/m. The full press briefing on this can be read on the International Maritime Organization's website. The new ruling is meant to reduce pollution and protect the environment in shipping lanes by reducing sulphur [...]

Call us for nationwide containers for shipping and storage use

Nationwide Containers in the UK From our network of nationwide container depots, we deliver shipping containers direct to you. Budget Shipping Containers has an excellent track record for providing customers with a full range of shipping containers spanning new, used and refurbished shipping containers. In addition, to standard shipping containers, through our network of nationwide container depots, we can covert containers to meet your exacting requirements including chemical stores, site offices, welfare units and so [...]

Shipping Container Scams

We’ve been made aware of scammers selling shipping containers to unwitting customers. As of October 2018 these scams are currently active in the UK. We’ve been alerted to this by other container traders and unfortunately by customers who have fallen prey to these scammers. Unlike the various Ponzi schemes such as that operated by the Hong Kong-registered company Pacific Tycoon, as reported in the Australian magazine Money Magazine, this latest scam is targeted solely at [...]

Shipping Containers for the Crane Hire Industry

The majority of crane hire companies that we’ve worked with have used shipping containers for storing of spare parts for their cranes. However, one company, Baldwins Crane Hire Limited, has used our shipping containers and one of our canopies to create a covered work shop in their depot under which they undertake maintenance on their crane hire fleet. Their new workshop was created at a faction of the cost of having a building constructed that [...]

Shipping Containers for the Golf and Leisure Industry

We are now supplying shipping containers to golf clubs and the leisure industry more than ever before. Primarily down to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a shipping container versus applying for planning permission to construct further buildings. Shipping containers are strong and secure, quick to obtain and ideal for a variety of uses. We’ve supplied containers to golf clubs who use them for the secure storage of golf buggies, greens keeper equipment and chemicals. They [...]

Shipping Container Farms

Shipping containers being used for farms is an interesting development that’s gaining in popularity for use in urban areas and by restaurants who want to provide locally grown produce to their customers. Shipping Containers are being re-purposed for grow rooms or mini farms. Shipping container farms aren’t affected by the weather or pests with the added bonus that they ultimately reduce food mileage. Some of the figures being quoted for the farm in a box [...]

Painting export shipping containers

When painting shipping containers for export use, we have to either mask off the decals (Letters and numbers) on the container or remove them and re-apply the decals after painting. Decals on shipping containers are important identifiers for use by shipping lines so when we get asked to paint a unit, we have to ensure the integrity of the decals is maintained. In the case of this used 40ft High Cube shipping container, our client [...]