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Repurposing an old 20ft Shipping Container in Birmingham

Recently we took in this old and somewhat rough looking 20ft shipping container from a site in Birmingham city centre. Having been used for storage by the University for some years, this 20ft shipping container was still structurally sound and dry inside and this unit was a prime candidate for refurbishment. As with any shipping container that has been out on site for approx 10 years this container did have some minor defects. Rust on [...]

Sedum Roofing for Shipping Containers

Sedum roofing for shipping containers provides a number of advantages including, disguising the container and attracting more insects and birds. In particular, bees and butterflies are attracted to the sedum and in turn their presence attracts more birds to the area. Rather than having an industrial looking steel roof, with sedum, you can create a lush green covering that looks nice, disguises your container and is good for the local wildlife. Green roofs can reduce [...]

Can you insure the contents of a Shipping Container?

Insure the contents of a shipping container used for storage Yes you can insure the contents of a shipping container that's being used for storage on your site. You container will require a high security lock box and an insurance rated padlock (or a padlock your insurance company will recognise). Typically its much easier to add the contents of your shipping container to an existing policy that already covers site than have a separate insurance [...]

Shipping Containers for the Automotive Industry

Shipping containers are used by the automotive industry for lots of reasons, from storing parts and components to shipping specialist or expensive F1 vehicles to race meetings around the world. We regularly get mechanics and local garages contacting us for the best quality containers for the best market prices. Everyone in the industry loves a deal (so do we!) and this is why if our quotes are not as keen as they should be for [...]

Shipping Containers for Football Clubs

Football clubs, big or small, always require storage for their equipment. whether it be football goals, kits, training equipment or even seating, shipping containers can provide an effective storage solution for your football club. They can also be easily converted by our team of engineers to changing rooms, shower units,  toilet blocks, stands and more. Shipping containers can be modified to suit your football clubs needs, so if it is just a basic unit or [...]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #174: A Pizza Hut!

The never ending list of "Uses for a shipping container" continues with our latest offering of shipping container perfection! Take a look at the project below, a fully kitted out Pizza Hut restaurant finished to an excellent standard by Pizza Hut in South Africa. This unique shipping container conversion has been made from 4 shipping containers, tastefully engineered to form a fully functioning Pizza outlet complete with dine in, delivery, take away and even a [...]

Repainting spec for Refurbished Shipping Containers

This guide is intended as a simple reference guide to explain the exact repainting spec for refurbished shipping containers. There can be a fair bit of variance within the industry on a refurbished specification with different companies offering different specs and prices for what may be referred to as the same item (ie a refurbished 20ft container). In this guide we try to make as clear as possible the spec we are offering. Repainting spec [...]

Shipping Containers for the Freight Industry

Shipping containers for the freight industry may seem like a very common use for our shipping containers, but in reality its very rare that you need to buy your own container for export - as most of the time you will be able to 'borrow' a free shipping line owned container for your shipping job around the globe. We supply a number of freight forwarders with shippers owned containers (containers owned by the customer as [...]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #173: Parking Attendant Booth

Our latest article is on this fantastic shipping container parking booth which is situated in Ohio, USA. Constructed from a 40ft container that has been turned on its head and modified appropriate to make the perfect attendant and office space. The 40ft container stands out and is a beacon of information for everyone looking to park their car in that area of the city. As well as providing space for a parking attendant, it also [...]

CORTEN Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are manufactured using a product called COR-TEN steel sometimes this is written as ‘corten steel’. COR-TEN steel or weathering steel is a special group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting. The weathering process of this steel eventually produces a rust-like appearance overtime due to exposure to weather. The name COR-TEN is a registered trademark held by U.S. Steel with the name COR-TEN being derived from the two [...]