Shipping Container Workshops and Bespoke Container Conversions

ISO shipping containers are ideal for all sorts of bespoke conversions from workshops to bars and more. We offer customers a bespoke conversion service using either a 20ft or 40ft ISO container or one of our popular range of refurbished containers. Being strong, robust and secure, shipping container conversions come in all shapes, sizes and specifications. Shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular for use as bars, café’s and workshops. They are robust, weatherproof and portable [...]

Cheap Aircraft Hangars

If you’re looking for cheap covered work space or temporary solutions for aircraft hangars, we have just the solution! By using a double stack of 40ft high cube shipping containers, and one of our 12m wide shipping container canopies, you could produce your own aircraft hangar in days and betters still, by using shipping containers and a canopy, you may be able to avoid applying for planning permission, as this solution is classified as a temporary [...]

Smoking Shelters | Smoking Canopies

We produce our smoking shelter canopies by recycling used shipping containers or, if you’d prefer, we can produce the shelters from new shipping containers. Our smoking shelters are typically 10ft in length, 8ft wide and 8ft 6’’ high but, as they are purpose built to order, you can specify a longer of shorter shelter to suit. Being made from a shipping container, they are very durable and extremely hard to vandalise. No assembly is required [...]

Tank Container Components

Depending on the type of tank container, the components vary and this guide is provided so you can learn more about tank container components and how they work. Tanks containers are cylindrical vessels mounted within a standard 20ft ISO frame as would be seen on a standard shipping container. This allows the container to be moved using the same intermodal transport system as a normal shipping container. Tank containers were developed for the carriage of [...]

Secure Motorcycle Storage Sheds | Secure Garages for Motorbikes

Our range of secure motorcycle storage sheds are heavy duty Police Approved metal garages for keeping motorbikes safe and secure. Made from galvanised steel, these units are also approved by the UK Locksmiths association and the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Delivered ‘flat packed’ these are ideal for getting in to locations where a shipping container couldn’t. They all come with pre-drilled bases and fixings so you can secure the unit to suitable hard-standing and have [...]

Shipping Container Deals in the Midlands, Spring 2018

If you're looking for a shipping container in the Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Telford, Stoke, Derby or Worcester areas - We have some super deals on shipping containers in the midlands right now. In this article we detail some of our spring deals, many of which have limited availability. Used 20ft Shipping Containers for sale in Birmingham, very young with free lockboxes We have a very special one off batch of 7x 20ft shipping containers [...]

Secure bike and cycle storage

These, insurance approved secure metal bike storage sheds provide a safe solution and feature multiple locking points and pick and drill resistant locks plus integral cycle accessory storage. Irrespective of what you paid for your bike, having peace of mind that its locked away in a secure storage unit is a real comfort. We sell a range of bike storage units including 4 units that are approved under the official police initiative ‘Secured by Design’ [...]

Mobile Grafo-Therm Shipping Container Anti-Condensation Treatment – London Area

Budget Shipping Containers now offers a mobile Grafo-Therm service to customers in the London area. Grafo-Therm is the anti-condensation coating that’s applied to the ceiling of shipping containers to prevent moisture damage to your stored items. Grafo-Therm is a water-borne anti-condensation coating that’s applied to steel roofing and the ceilings of shipping containers where condensation and dripping water problems typically occur. The coating is built up of micropores to form a multi-layer and porous texture [...]

What are Tank Containers? | Types of Tank Container

In this article we hope to answer your questions about what are tank containers and what types are available. Tank containers are basically, cylindrical vessels held within a standard 20ft ISO frame and are used to deliver hazardous and non-hazardous products. There are various types of tank container and depending on what they are used for dictates the type of unit required. The storage vessels within tank containers are typically produced from stainless steel that [...]

Sweat in Shipping Containers

This guide is intended to discuss the causes the treatment methods for sweat or condensation in shipping containers. If you are shipping goods or using a shipping container for storage use and you worry about container sweat please read on! Do Shipping Containers get Damp? Yes - shipping containers will get damp. As they cool down overnight, water suspended within the air inside your container will condense against any cool surface which will cause a [...]