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Shipping Container Sales | Ordering Your Shipping Container

Our sales team deal with a range of shipping container orders from standard 20ft and 40ft containers to specialist container conversions, refrigerated containers and more. Every order that our sales team handle is unique and requires careful consideration. From the point of order to delivery our team will keep you posted on all updates through the process. Lead Time Once you have ordered your container, depending on the spec and weather we need to do [...]

ISO Tank Containers | Used Tanktainers Sales and Hire

ISO tank containers or tanktainers as they are sometimes called are used for storage and/or transport of a range of chemicals, powders, foods, fuels, liquids, oils, gases and more. Budget Shipping Containers now provides quality used ISO Tank Containers, all of which are professionally repaired, tested and calibrated by our experienced team of engineers. There are many types of tank containers beside the standard tanktainers and these include electrically heated tanks, reefer tanks, lined tanks, [...]

Credit Card and Payment Processing charges in 2018

Update July 2019 - we have now taken the decision to no longer accept credit cards. Unfortunately the additional cost for customers, and the process needed to be put into place when our customers are not present makes this very difficult for us to be able to offer for our clients. Credit card surcharges are due to be scrapped for consumers from 13th January 2018. In this post we detail our position and reasoning for [...]

Shipping Containers as Garden Sheds

Shipping containers make ideal garden sheds! Although traditional wooden garden sheds are still very popular, they do tend to rot over time. They are also easy to break in to and can be difficult to organise, especially when storing heavier items. One solution is to use shipping containers as garden sheds. Shipping containers are very robust, come pre-built and you can store very heavy items in them. For example, it's easy to store a large [...]

Do Shipping Containers Have Vents? | Shipping Container Ventilation

The majority of ISO shipping containers do have some vents fitted in the long sides of the units, at the top of the container wall, to allow for ventilation to try and reduce the risk of condensation build-up. However, these vents have to be small to ensure that no water enters the container on its voyage. And due to their size, limited air flow is achieved so, condensation can still occur. The vents in a [...]