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12 Small businesses you can start from a Shipping Container

Will 2020 be the year that you grab the bull by the horns and make your dream of owning a business a reality? Starting a business is an exciting yet daunting prospect with many factors to consider. A key decision you will need to make is choosing business premises. Whether you are a retailer looking to open your first outlet, a coffee connoisseur taking that giant step towards owning a coffee shop, or if you [...]

Christmas/New Year Opening Hours

We will be closed from Wednesday December 25th 2019 to Thursday 2nd January 2020. We will be open on the 23rd and 24th of December to assist with enquiries although we may not be in a position to provide a full quotation as most of the depots and haulier’s will be closed. 23rd-24th December - OPEN 08.30am – 05.00pm 25th December to 1st January - CLOSED 2nd January onwards, open as usual 08.30am – 7.00pm [...]

Could I live in a Shipping Container?

As our ‘1001 things to do with a shipping container’ feature shows, you really can do pretty much anything with a trusty shipping container.  These big metal boxes are incredibly versatile, and we enjoy helping our customers to re-purpose and re-furbish them into something brand new – and the more unique the project, the better! A question we are often asked is “Could I live in a shipping container?” Perhaps it’s the rise of home [...]

20ft Shipping Container converted into Catering Pod for Studley High School Warwickshire

September 2019 and we are very proud to have helped with the conversion of a one trip 20ft shipping container for Studley High School in Warwickshire. In this case study we look at what was done with the conversion and how it helped our customer achieve great value and better earnings from this unit. Located only a few miles from our Wythall head office, Stuldey High School is based in the centre of the town [...]

Fitting your Self-fit Shipping Container Insulation Kit

In this guide we show you the basic method for installing our shipping container insulation kits. This guide only relates to the shipping container kits we sell, there are a number of kits on the market and we are aware other kits may come differently made and setup. Not all insulation kits will be as well made or as easy to fit as ours. Our insulation kits are not the only option we offer, but [...]

Building a 30ft cut down shipping container

30ft shipping containers are very popular for a range of storage uses, but as an original shipping container they are extremely rare. For this reason the majority of 30ft we sell are made by cutting down a 40ft container. In this guide we show you whats involved with cutting down a 40ft container to 30ft long. Background 30ft Shipping containers are not in common use any more. The only 30fts still regularly used by the [...]

Growing mushrooms in shipping containers

Okay, so you might think an article about growing mushrooms in shipping containers is a little far-fetched? Well, what spurred us on to create this post was a short piece that was featured on Countryfile a few months ago. Following this, we looked in to how this was being done only to find the growing of mushrooms in shipping containers, well refrigerated shipping containers (as we discovered) wasn’t that far-fetched after all. The Countryfile feature [...]

Painting Your Own Shipping Container

Repainting Shipping Containers This guide aims to give an overview on shipping container repainting. If supplying a container we will offer a repaint in our yard before delivery, but once on your site the cost of moving it back to our depot for repainting would be prohibitive. Here we provide information and hints for those looking to repaint their own container. Why Paint my Shipping Container? Painting adds an extra level of protection between the [...]

Secure Lithium-ion battery storage using converted shipping containers

We can convert shipping containers to provide safe and secure storage for large Lithium-Ion batteries that can be positioned away from main buildings. In this article we detail some of the considerations we factor in when converting a shipping container for Lithium-ion battery storage use, and some of the benefits when using a shipping container for this purpose. Lithium-ion or Li-on is the leading rechargeable battery chemistry that’s used in power tools and consumer devices [...]

Can I get my Storage Container re-certified for export use?

The CSC plate on my Shipping Container has expired. Can I get a new one? Can I get a new CSC plate on my shipping container is a very common request we get. You may have owned a shipping container for some months or years. You now have an export project and you would like to use this container to send your goods around the world. Yes this is possible, but it may or may [...]