Why are shipping containers so expensive right now?

Why has the price risen for new and used Shipping Containers? 2020 Q3 and 2021 Q1 saw the fastest increases in shipping container prices on record, with many inside the industry being caught out by the speed and severity of shipping container price increases. In this article we detail why, and when we hope and…

Bespoke Container Stack for Smithfield Casings, Welwyn Garden City

stack of blue shipping containers

In February 2021 we delivered this bespoke container conversion to Smithfield Castings and Sundries Ltd of Welwyn Garden City. In this case study, we talk through the customer's needs and how we helped provide the best and most cost-effective solution for this client. The customer needed some storage for their yard, but with space at…

Shared Shipping Container Storage For Groups and Clubs

If finding cost-effective, secure storage is a challenge for your sports club or business venture, you may like to consider sourcing and sharing a Shipping Container. Shipping Containers provide cost-effective and secure storage that could be shared for groups, clubs, and school venues. How could you use a Shipping Container for shared storage? Shipping Containers…Read more  →Shared Shipping Container Storage For Groups and Clubs

1001 Uses For a Shipping Container #197: A Scary Flight Simulator!

We love finding alternative uses for Shipping Containers, and every time we discover a new and innovative way of using them we feel a sense of satisfaction! This is why we invented our ongoing feature to find 1001 uses for shipping containers - and we are almost at the #200 marker. Our latest discovery is…

6 Ways A Shipping Container Could Improve Your Garden

2020 was definitely the year that we rediscovered our gardens! Lots of extra time at home and an unexpectedly long and warm summer saw many of us turning into landscape designers and looking for ways to improve our gardens. 2021 is the year to continue that good work! Decking, garden bars, and vegetable patches were…

A Guide to Secure Storage in Shipping Containers

storage container

Shipping Containers are an ideal solution if you are looking for somewhere secure to store personal belongings or items related to a business.  Furniture, work tools, retail stock, and archives are just a few items that you can store securely inside a Shipping Container (although even when we think we have discovered every possible use…Read more  →A Guide to Secure Storage in Shipping Containers

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