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Shipping Container Shutter Windows

Shipping container windows are a very popular extra for customers to fit themselves to any containers being converted into rooms or site offices. The Shipping Container Shutter Windows are one of our more popular ranges which include the standard double glazed anti-vandal sliding window as well as high security shutters to house them. These are not only the industry standard for anti-vandal modular building use but also look the part [...]

Shipping Container Windows

Our range of shipping container windows are a very popular extra for containers being converted into rooms or offices along with our extensive range of door options. One of our more popular options are the anti-vandal windows with high security shutters that make a fantastic deterrent for forced entry. This style of window is pretty much standard issue for site offices and cabins that are likely to take the [...]

10 uses for Shipping Containers you might not have thought of

Can you think of alternative uses for shipping containers? When you look at a shipping container you might just see a giant steel box that is used to move goods all around the world.  But look a bit harder and you will discover a whole list of other possibilities and uses for humble shipping containers that will make life a bit more organised, efficient, and [...]

The Best Places to Eat Out in a Shipping Container

Eat out to help out in a Shipping Container! Eating out has become a bit of a luxury in 2020.  After most of the world was placed into lockdown, bars, cafes, and restaurants across the UK were forced to close.  As our favourite places to eat began to reopen the UK Government even introduced a 50% discount scheme to encourage us to Eat Out to [...]

How Can Shipping Containers Help Business Adapt After Coronavirus?

How businesses might adapt to a post-COVID world has become a popular topic for discussion recently, and at Budget Shipping Containers we have plenty of suggestions and expertise to advise business owners who might need to innovate with a new set up. Here we have some suggestions of businesses we have worked with, and some we have come across in real-life and online. Surf School [...]

10 Cool Shipping Container Getaways for a Socially Distant Holiday

Thanks to coronavirus, most summer holidays will look a bit different this year.  The great British ‘Staycation’ is all the rage, and self-catering accommodation in the UK is more popular than ever. A holiday is about getting away from it all and experiencing a change of scene, so if we cannot travel as far as we’d like to, we can still look for somewhere unusual [...]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #195: An Escape Room!

Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years.  The aim of the game is for a group of players to be locked into a themed room where they must face a number of challenges and work together to solve puzzles and collect clues to find a way out - it’s a little bit like the Crystal Maze but without Richard O’Brien. Escape Rooms have [...]

Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Shipping Container Man Cave Or She Shed

Man Caves” and “She Sheds” have been around for many years. For someone who has the extra space, they can be the perfect getaway right inside the house. A new trend, however, is to create that perfect getaway inside metal shipping containers. There are many reasons that customized shipping containers are becoming more and more popular, but here are a few of the main reasons:   [...]

Can you turn a shipping container into a workshop?

Shipping Containers can be converted to make the perfect workshop.  Workshops need to be secure, sturdy, and robust which makes a steel shipping container an ideal base to build one, without actually having to ‘build’ anything! During the coronavirus outbreak, we have received many enquiries from people who are stuck at home in lockdown needing workshop space.  Businesses and amateur enthusiasts alike are searching for [...]

Garden Offices for Home Working / Social Distancing

As Britain and the rest of the world start to think about getting back to normal after the Coronavirus lockdown we need to consider what the new ‘normal’ will look like. There is little doubt that there will be some major changes. Air travel may become more expensive and less accessible, retailing looks set to accelerate its march from the high street onto the internet, [...]