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Smoking Shelters | Smoking Canopies

We produce our smoking shelter canopies by recycling used shipping containers or, if you’d prefer, we can produce the shelters from new shipping containers. Our smoking shelters are typically 10ft in length, 8ft wide and 8ft 6’’ high but, as they are purpose built to order, you can specify a longer of shorter shelter to suit. Being made from a shipping container, they are very [...]

Shipping Container Canopies: New Range for 2018

Our shipping container canopies have proven to be an increasingly popular option with a diverse range of customers. The temporary or semi-permanent roof structures that can span between 2x 20ft or 40ft shipping containers offer superb value for anyone needing some covered working or storage space Care of this interest we are pleased to announce that we have a completely new and much bigger range [...]

Shipping Container Canopies for Eurotunnel Folkestone

As you might expect, the crew at Eurotunnel Folkestone have more than your average engineering challenges, and to help equip them for this they need an awful lot of space! For our recent project, we supplied 10x one trip 40ft high cube containers, with lights, electrical safety gear & trunking supplied, heavy duty shelving and 2 of our shipping container canopies to allow them large areas of [...]

New Vs Used Shipping Containers

Whether you need a shipping container for storage, export, or an exciting container conversion project, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a New or Used Container. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and your decision will most likely depend on what you plan to with your shipping container. New Shipping Containers The term [...]

8 unexpected uses for shipping containers

They were once used as secure and watertight steel boxes to transport goods across the world’s oceans.  Today the humble shipping container has taken on a second identity as a versatile and customisable canvas for many unexpected uses. If you are a follower of our popular Facebook series ‘#1001 Uses for a Shipping Container’, you will know that we are always on the look out [...]

2020: the year of the Shipping Container Man Cave

Man Cave (noun) A room or other part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family. January is a time for fresh starts, spring cleaning and new projects.  It’s the time when husbands across the country are told to sort out their stuff and stop cluttering the house.  If you are [...]

Shipping Container Case Studies

Here are some write ups from project we have delivered or supplied the container for: Major Projects Storage Containers and canopy instillation for the Channel Tunnel Group  Accoustic Barrier for Tottenham Hotspur  Under Armour Publicity Campaign (Knight Rigging Services)  Other Big Name Projects and Customers Storage Containers for the Tate Modern Gallery  Shipping Container Security Office for Sir Robert McAlpine  Nissan Marketing Container used at [...]

Shipping Container Guides

Welcome to our shipping container guides section. Listed below are links to some of our most important articles on using shipping containers for storage, exporting a shipping container, converting shipping containers and recent case studies. Many more articles in each section are also available. If there is anything you would like to see here that isn't covered, please contact us to let us know and [...]

Shipping Containers for the Crane Hire Industry

The majority of crane hire companies that we’ve worked with have used shipping containers for storing spare parts for their cranes. However, one company, Baldwins Crane Hire Limited, has used our shipping containers and one of our canopies to create a covered work shop in their depot under which they undertake maintenance on their crane hire fleet. This new workshop was created at a faction [...]

Shipping Container Barns

Barns made from Shipping Containers Making barns from shipping containers can be a really cost-effective method for the construction of barns or storage sheds using either new or used shipping containers as an integral part of the building. This quick and easy option keeps costs down as you don’t need to dig foundations and therefore lead times are greatly reduced. You can create a very [...]