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Building and Installing our Shipping Container Racking Kits

How to install our shipping container racking kits Our industrial grade shipping container racking and shelving kits are an extremely popular addition to our range of shipping containers. Designed into neat kits, these self build shelving units come with a massive 600 Kgs UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) capacity per shelving unit. This is commonly 2-4x the capacity that other shipping container firms offer at a [...]

Shipping Container Racking / Shelving

Shipping container racking and shelving is ideal for tidying up storage containers and for getting the most from your available space. Easy assemble design means shelves can be assembled at the desired heights. With metal legs and chipboard shelving as standard (other shelf options available on request) these are top quality, heavy duty shelves ideal for a wide range of industrial uses. These shelving units [...]

Shipping Container Tyre Racking can provide container storage solutions such as tyre racking to container racking/shelving kits all the way to a complete container conversion. Our tyre racking is strong and durable and ideal for use in shipping containers, garages, workshops and by distributors. These simple and cost-effective shipping container tyre racks are perfect for any shipping container store and can happily fit in a converted 20ft container-garage [...]

Shipping Container Racking and Storage Bins

Our standard solid racking with metal legs and chipboard shelving, now comes made to fit and includes storage bins. 62 to be precise. These picking bins are highly resistant to oils, acids and most industrial solvents. With capabilities to perform in high/low temperatures these bins are ideal for storage container use. There are 42 medium sized bins and 20 larger bins included with a multitude of applications. Colour Options Blue [...]

Galvanised Shipping Container Racking as well as containers, also supply container storage solutions such as anything from single pieces of racking/shelving all the way to a complete container conversion to support up to 630 archive boxes... and we can even supply the archive boxes for you! Easy to assemble galvanised steel container racking. 1980mm high uprights allow for various shelf heights and build options. Very versatile. Comes complete with 6 x [...]

40ft Shipping Container Archive Racking Kit

Archive racking for a 40ft shipping container giving you capacity for storage of 630 archive boxes - based on using archive boxes which are 267mm (H) x 355mm (W) x 445mm (D) and 4 shelves per bay. Please see below for layout, full spec and price options If you have a major archive headache then look no further, this 630 box archive store fits snugly inside [...]

20ft Shipping Container Archive Racking Kit

Archive racking for a 20ft shipping container giving you capacity for storage of 315 archive boxes - based on using archive boxes which are 267mm (H) x 355mm (W) x 445mm (D) and 4 shelves per bay. Please see below for layout, full spec and price options. Do you have an awful lot of paperwork to keep safe and secure? one of our shipping containers [...]

Can you turn a shipping container into a workshop?

Shipping Containers can be converted to make the perfect workshop.  Workshops need to be secure, sturdy, and robust which makes a steel shipping container an ideal base to build one, without actually having to ‘build’ anything! During the coronavirus outbreak, we have received many enquiries from people who are stuck at home in lockdown needing workshop space.  Businesses and amateur enthusiasts alike are searching for [...]

Side Opening Containers for Marine Filming Equipment Storage

When Marine Department needed a second side opening storage container they had a particular requirement and came to Budget Shipping Containers for a solution. As the only major container trader commonly offering both left handed and right handed side opening containers we were ideally placed to help. Despite the exact style of container they needed not being available we were able to modify a container [...]

Shipping Containers for Storage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With the ongoing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic there has been a massive demand for protective face masks, sterile gloves and other items of personal protective equipment. The NHS is taking delivery of millions of these products on a daily basis, on top of huge demand from private individuals and businesses. These items tend to be lightweight but bulky, and hospitals and other large organisations have needed [...]