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1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #194: An Echo Chamber!

James Taylor, the American guitarist and singer-songwriter, is one of the best selling music artists of all time. He has sold over over 100 million records, won five Grammy awards and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has even been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama! Taylor is highly respected in the music industry as a 'genuine' musician, largely resisting electronic instruments and effects, preferring instead to [...]

London Shipping Container Lockdown Clearance Sale 2020

Shipping Container clearance deals in London and the Home Counties Covid-19 and the lockdown measures affected many businesses and supply chains, and continue to do so. At the start of the crisis there was a shortage of shipping containers, which forced the market price up significantly. The good news is that containers are now moving again, and we're expecting lots of stock to arrive in the coming weeks. To clear some space we're having a [...]

Should I buy or hire a Shipping Container?

If you need a container for a short time period it may be an option to rent one (if you represent a limited company, charity or government body, unfortunately we cannot rent to individuals). Here we will look at factors to consider when considering if you should buy or rent a shipping container. Container Type Most containers available to hire are standard 20ft or 40ft used containers. These are supplied in wind and watertight condition, [...]

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Operational update.

23/03/2020, We will add updates to this post as relevant Operations and container deliveries at budget shipping containers Currently we are all working from home but have our office set up as close to normally as possible. We are open 08:30am-7pm as normal to assist with any container enquiries you may have. Our depots are open as normal and working. Some changes to the day to day operations are being implemented to allow for social [...]

Essential guide to setting up your home office (from a shipping container)

More people than ever are choosing to work for themselves.  Self-employment is a big step and setting up a new workplace is a huge cost for a new business, but it is important to set a clear boundary between your work life and your home life. Working from home might seem like a great idea, but unless you have a clearly designated workspace you may find that domestic life creeps into your work time. Housework, [...]

Cutting room made from a used 40ft Shipping Container

November 2019, we have just finished this 40ft cutting room conversion for MIDDAS Interior Solutions. MIDDAS are one of the leading producers of demountable modular partitioning systems, suspended and walk-on ceiling systems and composite steel door sets. This was a bespoke design and build to the customers specifications. If needed we can make more units like this for other customers, but we can easily modify the design for individual setups and uses as required. For [...]

New Vs Used Shipping Containers

Whether you need a shipping container for storage, export, or an exciting container conversion project, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a New or Used Container. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and your decision will most likely depend on what you plan to with your shipping container. New Shipping Containers The term ‘New’ may be misleading because it doesn’t mean you are [...]

What is an Easy Open Shipping Container Door?

Budget Shipping Containers are one of the few major shipping container retailers in the UK that provides customers with the most extensive range of shipping container options and modifications to such. Easy open shipping containers have been in circulation for a few years, and in this post we highlight the differences between an easy open shipping container door, and a standard shipping container doors. So first before we look at the easy open door, lets [...]

8 unexpected uses for shipping containers

They were once used as secure and watertight steel boxes to transport goods across the world’s oceans.  Today the humble shipping container has taken on a second identity as a versatile and customisable canvas for many unexpected uses. If you are a follower of our popular Facebook series ‘#1001 Uses for a Shipping Container’, you will know that we are always on the look out for innovative uses for shipping containers. We have certainly found [...]

What is CSTA and what does membership mean for our customers

In 2019, we joined the Container Traders and Innovators Association (CTIA), which evolved into the CSTA (Container Self-Storage and Traders Association). This is the international trade body for our industry. We thought it would be useful for our customers for us to provide some information about the organisation. In this post we set out how it operates and who runs it - and, if necessary, to indicate to our clients how they can check or [...]