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Shipping Containers in Bristol

We have supplied shipping containers to customers in Bristol and the South West for various projects including bars, housing, and offices for local businesses. Although our head office is in Wythall, near Birmingham (where we also have a depot), we supply shipping containers across the UK.  The excellent road links around the South West, and…Read more  →Shipping Containers in Bristol

Shipping Container Cribs To Inspire Your Own Design Project

Prefab Holiday Home

If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you will know that we love sharing the various shipping container homes that we come across online.  Shipping container cribs are a growing trend as home designers search for more sustainable and cost-effective building materials, and we never fail to be impressed at how our favourite steel…Read more  →Shipping Container Cribs To Inspire Your Own Design Project

Shipping Containers and the Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are finally underway and more than 10,000 athletes from around the world have travelled to Japan to compete in over 339 sporting events.  Shipping Containers from across the globe were dispatched to Tokyo weeks before the Olympic opening ceremony to ensure that the teams from the 206 competing nations had everything they…

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #199: A Shipping Container Vineyard Observatory

Number 199 in our series of novel uses for shipping containers is this amazing installation built as a visitor centre for a vineyard. Located on the East coast of Tasmania, the 'Devil's Corner Cellar Door and Lookout' is a fantastic example of modern shipping container architecture. Building design using shipping containers It was designed by…

Our Top 10 Shipping Container Projects 2011-2021

July 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of our very first shipping container sale, and to mark the occasion we asked our hardworking team to tell us about their most memorable shipping container projects from the past decade. There have been a good many fantastic containers commissioned for our customers over the years - more than…

Selling Shipping Containers

Here at Budget, we not only sell shipping containers - we also buy back units that are no longer required. Selling your old shipping container to us is easy, you simply send in your request to sell and some pictures of the inside and outside of the shipping container. Please note, we only buy-back standard…Read more  →Selling Shipping Containers

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