1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #160: A New Globe Theatre?

Carrying on with our “1001 Uses For a Shipping Container” feature, we recently came across a fantastic project over in the US. Wilmington in North Carolina is a port town on the east coast and is the planned location for something very special.

Modeled on the reproduced Globe Theatre in London, a visionary by the name of Andy Veil wants to recreate the traditional english theatre but with a modern twist. Andy hopes to make this Globe Theatre recreation out of shipping containers! The benefit of using shipping containers means the Container Globe is practical. It will be modular and will be constructed container by container. This also means it can be easily assembled and disbanded when needed. Making it versatile and transportable if he ever wanted to take the idea across the states.

You can see the design video below!


This is a remarkably simple design and a great way to show how shipping containers can be used in constructions and design to produce cost effective, practical and depending on your artistic viewpoint beautiful engineering & construction solutions. Each individual 20ft shipping container has 3 rows of seating fitted inside. The containers are fixed together with the same 50 tonne heavy duty interlocks we offer on our website. A fully functional stage and backstage area is then built from 6x 40ft shipping containers, leaving only staircases and scaffolding for easy access.

Here at budget shipping containers we think it is a fantastic idea! It gives yet another use for used shipping containers which is not only cost effective but also has a quirky and artistic feel which will sit well with the artists and theatre goers alike!

We wish everyone behind the new globe theatre the best of luck with their project and we will try to keep our followers as updated as we can. If we’re ever visiting Wilmington in North Carolina we will be sure to pop in and say hi! (even if we are lucky enough to be in the country that had the original globe theatre).

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Source: Port City Daily
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