1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #161: An Acoustic Barrier for Tottenham Hotspur

Onto the 161st use for the “1001 uses for a shipping container” feature and we are still surprised by the sheer amount of uses we come across!¬†We are very proud to have helped supply and install a 560 ft long x 25ft high acoustic barrier for Tottenham Hotspur football club during their current¬†demolition of the old White Hart Lane stadium.

Initially contacted by the club in spring of 2017, Tottenham had a very specific issue with the demolition of the final stands on site. Directly opposite the old South stand that needed demolishing, were a number of residential flats, separated only by a small road that has been consumed by the redevelopment site.

Acoustic Defence for Local Residents

Mindful of the noise and disruptions caused by knocking down the South stand, Mace (contractors for Tottenham), recommended using shipping containers as an acoustic and visual barrier. This would limit the noise disruption as well as blocking the flats from dust and other sorts of pollution that are part and parcel of a construction site of this scale.

With min 1.6mm corrugated corten steel side walls, shipping container side walls deflect a lot of sound with the corrugations in the metal, and the enclosed space inside the container also acts to help any sound that doers get through the first wall to dissipate. For good order the wall needs to completely block line of sight from the source of any noise or disruption and should be  as close as possible to the source of any noise. Using our heavy duty interlocks there is no more than a 5-6mm gap between each stacked shipping container, and any sound that does sneak into this space still has to travel through a very small gap that opens up below the shipping container floorline

Tottenham required 50x 40ft used shipping containers to stretch along the road behind the South Stand to help protect local residents from noise pollution made by the demolition of the south stand. With the demolition works (seen below) happening just yards away from local residents this barrier was a necessity for the club.

Built on a solid base of railway sleepers, the bottom shipping containers have been loaded with approx 12 tonnes of ballast in each container to help ensure a firm footing for the wall. We then advised Spurs to purchase some of our heavy duty interlocks to secure the shipping containers into place. This offers a more secure stacked structure than you will see at most ports and container facilities. We have been able to deliver and stack these shipping containers 3 high to suit the clients specifications. We can stack 3 high but the customer needed to provide a cherry picker and an appointed person to unhook the containers at that height.

Solid, cheap and with corrugated sides that deflect noise well, shipping containers offer an ideal solution for anyone needing a temporary wall structure (Donald Trump?).

We appreciate many customers may not be knocking down and re-building their own premier league stadium, but our team are always on hand to help with any size project. A big thank you to Tottenham for your custom and we hope to hear from you in the near future!

With years of experience in dealing with bulk orders of this size and have the expertise and professionalism to carry out the projects to the highest standard. Contact us today for a quote!

This is the kind of noise pollution the wall protects the public from!

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