1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #163: An Upcycled Pop Up Toastie Shop!

We’re very proud to have helped supply this modified and upcycled used 20ft shipping container, now serving hot toasties in Brick Lane. Made from a 20ft refurbished container with the additional modification of a piston operated serving hatch that was transformed into this fantastic little pop up shipping container cafe!

Archie from Toastie_Toastie got in contact as he needed a shipping container to convert into a pop up cafe which was well presented, durable and most importantly movable. He needed a cafe solution that he could move around the country as and when he needed to as toasties are currently only being served for the next 4 weeks at the current location. Shipping containers can be modified to a range of uses, their steel structure means you will get a long lasting and reliable unit to build your business from.

We received Archie’s requirements which were a 20ft refurbished shipping container in black and to fit a upwards serving hatch. The serving hatch was piston operated which makes it nice and easy to operate. He wanted it to lift upwards so his customers had some rest-bite from the unrelenting British weather whilst offering a good level of protection and security when closed up.

The refurbished options allows us to keep the price as ken as possible, but also ensures that an old used 20ft shipping container gets a new lease of life and many more years of productive use without the need to melt the old container down and re-manufacture into a useable product.

As you can see, our engineering team in London received Archie’s specifications and dimensions for the hatch and the RAL colour for the container and got to work!

We managed to complete the work to this container in our typical turnaround time for smaller projects of just 2 weeks. For more complicated projects timescales may vary. Here at Budget, we have the capability to modify used/new containers to suit your needs! From shipping container cafes, barsoffices and even exhibition stands, all the way down to a basic storage container to help keep your gear secure and dry.

If you have a new business idea and you would like to use a shipping container or if you are just purely looking to ship or store your goods, please get in touch today and our team of experts will help to guide you through the process and we can help with ideas and suggestions on whats possible and just as importantly the most cost effective ways to get a job done the way you need. You can also browse our extensive range of shipping containers, flat pack containers and related products in our huge online catalogue.

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