1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #174: A Pizza Hut!

The never ending list of “Uses for a shipping container” continues with our latest offering of shipping container perfection! Take a look at the project below, a fully kitted out Pizza Hut restaurant finished to an excellent standard by Pizza Hut in South Africa.

This unique shipping container conversion has been made from 4 shipping containers, tastefully engineered to form a fully functioning Pizza outlet complete with dine in, delivery, take away and even a drive-thru where customers can collect their order without leaving the confines of their car.

As you can see from the above pictures, Pizza hut completely transformed the corten steel shipping containers into a fully operational restaurant with seating. The inside has been finished to  the latest Pizza hut global brand standard design, a high spec finish with large window units allowing for a good amount of natural light inside. This gives a roomy feel to what can otherwise come over as an enclosed space. Once inside you will struggle to know you are sitting inside 4 converted shipping containers.

Shipping Container buildings can offer a number of benefits, they a can be easy and quick to build or install, Its very easy to get large open spaces built into these containers, and the building and structure is very easy to scrap and recycle if needed at the end of its life. This is far from the first shipping container restaurant we have seen and we are sure it won’t be the last!

Credit: to Tony Ozanne -Chief Executive Officer at Marathon Restaurant Group Africa (Pizza Hut CPT, Botswana, Nigeria), Original article here (LinkedIn)

Whilst budget shipping containers was not involved in this project in any way (we focus on UK sales and conversions) if you are in the UK and need a converted shipping container similar to this one then please get in touch.

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