1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #180 Active Marketing!

Go-Pro Shipping Container Marketing Campaign in Val Thorens, France.

Spotted in Val Thorens, part of the 3 valleys Ski resort in France, Go pro are using this 20ft side opening shipping container for an on piste marketing suite and dare we say it ‘chill out zone’

This 20ft wide opening shipping container can easy be closed and locked up overnight, keeping the bean bangs and other gear safe and dry. The doors are then fully opened during the daytime. As this is located right next to the main ski area, this container has an incredible foot – or ski fall in terms of large number of people passing.

This unique and novel marketing technique certainly stands out from the crowd, and it helps go pro re-affirm the advertising message its making across the resort (ie if looking to take the best pictures and videos from your activity holiday – the go pro range should be your first port of call)

Painted black inside and out, this container has also had a raised floor added – presumably to help it cope with the harsh elements when open for extended periods. Fished with the go pro logo artwork and a few demonstration cases with their products inside, some branded bean bags finish off this unit in style and allow passers by to quite literally chill out at the go pro container. This neat and simple design doesn’t need any power or other services meaning that it could even be put to use halfway up a mountain in the alps. Oh Wait….

The weathertight build ensures that this simple marketing cabin can be put to use day in day out, though the winter as well as summer months. Once finished with they still have a smart and neat 20ft full side access container that can either be put to use themselves, or it could be sold on as there is always a strong resale market for used side opening shipping containers.

We think this is a very neat, very green way of advertising your brand to a large audience of people who are already likley aware of and interested in your brand.

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Whislt we haven’t supplied this specific container, we have a huge range of side opening and end opening shipping containers for sale for delivery across the UK. You can browse our online ranges at any time, or you can contact us to discuss any shipping container requirements you may have.

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