1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #196: A Bird Hide!

shipping container bird hide
Shipping Container Bird Hide. Image courtesy of The Northern Echo

Our quest to discover alternative uses for shipping containers continues with our latest discovery, a shipping container Bird Hide!

Months of lockdown and being unable to travel far have given us an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of our local countryside and the wildlife around us.  Bird spotting is a wonderful way of appreciating our natural world.  Traditionally bird hides are wooden, and while this helps them to blend nicely into their surroundings, wood can wear over time and is prone to rotting in damp conditions if not treated regularly.

A sustainable building material

A shipping container bird hide is a great way of breathing new life into one or two old containers that may have been destined for scrap.  Instead of sourcing new materials, you can recycle shipping containers and create a sustainable hang out for bird watching!

We recently ‘spotted’ this fantastic two-storey shipping container bird hide created by Northumbrian Water.  It was built from two 20ft recycled shipping containers and we thought it was too good not to share!

This sustainably sourced container bird hide was created in partnership with local architects Brightblue Studio to replace the previous structure which was unfortunately vandalised.  Security and sturdiness are two reasons why shipping containers are ideal for a project like this.  They are notoriously difficult to break into or damage, especially when fitted with a high-security door and additional anti-theft lock box (padlock cover) if you need to lock your bird hide when it is not in use.

Easily adaptable and customisable

Shipping containers are fairly easy to source in standard green which means they can blend in nicely with natural surroundings!  As standard our one trip containers are available in a dark green shade (RAL 6007) and we also offer our refurbished range of containers which come with an external repaint in your choice of colour. If you don’t’ want a green shipping container we have a wide choice of RAL colours to match your preferences.

This particular project was cleverly fitted with panels of scrap metal which help to reflect with natural light to help the structure blend into the surrounding landscape.

Shipping containers are often described as giant LEGO building blocks! They are superb for creating modular style buildings or structures such as this one.  They can reduce building costs and project lead times too.  We recently posted about this two-storey, multi-use shipping container pavilion which our London yard built for a sports club.  This project demonstrates how adaptable shipping containers are when used as a building material!

Whilst we did not supply the containers for this project, we have a huge range of new and used shipping containers that can be adapted and converted for alternative uses.  If you have a project in mind please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Have you spotted an alternative use for shipping containers?

Don’t forget, if you see an interesting or novel use for a shipping container, please send in some photos. If we feature it on our Facebook page we will send you one of our limited edition 1 pint mugs and a small haul of sweets out in the post for you. This should help your days in the work from home office or yard go by that little bit easier. This offer is open to any UK resident or shipping address.

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Image credit and source: The Northern Echo






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