1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #206: A Covid Vaccine Factory

Shipping Containers have played some important roles throughout the Covid pandemic, and soon shipping container Covid vaccine factories could be used to help improve vaccine distribution across the world.

How Shipping Containers Were Used During the Covid Pandemic

When the Covid pandemic began back in early 2020, Budget Shipping Containers were able to support key industries by converting shipping containers for a variety of uses.  Back in March 2020 we supplied shipping containers for emergency PPE storage at East Surrey Hospital at short notice after they contacted us with an urgent request.  We also converted a shipping container into a dispensary area for a pharmacy in Wiltshire that needed extra space for social distancing and safe working.

In some areas, shipping containers have been converted for use as mobile Covid vaccination centres to help the vaccine roll out for older people who aren’t able to travel easily.  Shipping container LVC’s (Local Vaccination Centres) were rolled out in Swansea in October 2021.

Creating a Covid Vaccine Factory Using Shipping Containers

Elsewhere in the world, the challenge has not just been administering vaccinations, there has also been increased pressure on manufacturing vaccines for developing countries where vaccine rates are still consistently low.  To combat this issue, German pharmaceutical giants BioNTech have unveiled a design for a new mobile vaccine production facility, made by converting shipping containers – cleverly dubbed the “BioNTainer”.  The plan is to ship the new “laboratory in a container” to several countries – including Africa – where vaccine rollout is particularly low.

The “BioNTainer” will be a two-storey modular structure consisting of 12 containers containing a series

shipping container vaccine factory by BioNTech
Image Credit: BioNTech

of ‘clean rooms’ that are kitted out with state-of-the-art vaccine producing equipment  Scientists have estimated that two of the factories could produce up 50 million vaccine doses a year.

The shipping container Covid vaccine factories will be manufactured in Germany and transferred to where they are needed.  BioNTech will provide the plans and knowledge, raw materials, and shipping containers and in return, the host country will put forward the land, provide sufficient power and water, and recruit local people to work in the new shipping container Covid vaccine factory once it is completed.

It is hoped that the factories will begin producing their first Covid vaccines by 2024, most likely in Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa.  In future, they could be used to produce other vital vaccines for malaria and tuberculosis.

The BioNTech shipping container Covid vaccine factory model is less expensive than building a more permanent, traditional factory, and BioNTech says that these factories would help to speed up access to vaccines if required for pandemics in the future.

Do You Need a Shipping Container for an Alternative Use?

Budget Shipping Containers can help convert shipping containers for pretty much any use.  If you need a quick, cost-effective and customised structure for your business or operation – then please get in touch with us for a quotation.

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