1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #207: Cow Cubicles for Dairy Farmers

blue used shipping container converted into a cow cubicle on a farm yard
Image credit: Rostons UK Facebook Page

Shipping Containers are a popular resource in the farming world.  Some of the many shipping containers we have supplied to our farming customers have included: secure storage for farm machinery, secure and weatherproof feed stores, shipping container tack rooms, farm offices – and now we have discovered another fantastic use – the Shipping Container Cow Cubicle!

Many dairy farms opt to house their herds in specially built cow cubicles.  Cow cubicles provide a handy space-saving system that allow farmers to house more cows within a designated area than if they were wandering in a loose yard.

Cow cubicles are particularly important during winter months, or spells of poor weather when dairy herds must be protected from the elements and from cold weather.

Traditional cow cubicles are formed as a row of stalls that are covered above with a roof and on three sides where the cows can comfortably rest, feed and sleep.  If you have ever encountered dairy cows before then you will know that they are pretty sizable, and because cow welfare is extremely important – the cubicles need to provide adequate space for them to live comfortably.  There needs to be enough space for the cows to rise and lay down easily, without causing injury or discomfort.

Converting used shipping containers into cow cubicles

Building materials and construction costs for cow cubicles can be very high – so finding an alternative to save money and space is always a bonus!  One innovative UK farmer (who is our new hero!) has come up with a very innovative design for his cow cubicles by converting an old shipping container.

One full side of the container has been removed leaving support columns in place for stabilising the structure.  The cows access their cubicles from the open side and each is sectioned with steel rails.  ‘Windows’ have been cut into the rear side of the container – this provides adequate ventilation, and airflow whilst also preventing condensation.

The base of the shipping container cow cubicles can be covered with comfy bedding material to keep Daisy and her pals nice and cosy!  A comfortable dairy cow will spend less time on her feet, and more time laying down which will help prevent wear and tear on her joints, and injury or mobility problems caused by standing still for long periods.

This is a beautifully simple alternative to a traditional cow shed structure, and if the right container can be sourced it would be most cost-effective too. You can browse our range of used shipping containers here.

Shipping containers are strong, sound structures that can easily withstand the wear and tear of a busy dairy farm.  The elements and poor weather cause no issue – these steel boxes are built to sail across stormy seas all over the world so a farm yard should cause no problem at all!

If you would like to discuss creating a shipping container cow cubicle for your yard, or for another use for your agricultural or farming business, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team!

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Sources: agriland.ie
Image: Rostons UK Facebook Page

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