1001 Uses for a #ShippingContainer #154: A Great Wall!

Yes, you read that right! A video from TechInsider showcased an ingenious method to install a barrier over a significance distance in a minimal amount of time. The truck pulls a standard shipping container along a set route whilst constantly letting out an ‘accordion’ effect barrier our of the back.

Perhaps this is one for President Donald Trump? Here’s a rough breakdown on our idea to save the U.S Economy a minimum of 11 Billion dollars! (we’ll be happy with 5% commission on this thanks Donald!)

These barriers can deploy up to 330 metres of fence in 60 seconds. So assuming Mr Trump and co can co-ordinate their operation to have one of these dropping fences all the time, then with 3100 Km of border to cover then this wall could get built in around 6 and a half days.

Based on a (crass guestimate) cost of US$ 10’000 per container and wall section, this also gives a total cost for the wall at a snip under $94 Million – an absolute bargain when other wall estimates online suggest a cost of $12-25 Billion

We would like to take this opportunity to say no thanks necessary for the multi-billion pound saving! It’s part of our company ethos to help our customers save money – so if you have your own smaller projects and want to speak to the team who puts value for their customers first then please contact us!

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