6 Ways A Shipping Container Could Improve Your Garden

2020 was definitely the year that we rediscovered our gardens! Lots of extra time at home and an unexpectedly long and warm summer saw many of us turning into landscape designers and looking for ways to improve our gardens. 2021 is the year to continue that good work!

Decking, garden bars, and vegetable patches were all the rage, and so were shipping containers.  We love a good shipping container garden project so we thought we would share these 6 ways that a shipping container could improve your garden.

Shipping Container Garden Sheds

Shipping Containers make fantastic garden sheds!  They are not prone to rot like a wooden shed, and their sturdy structure means they won’t be at risk of damage from wind and rainstorms.  Garden tools and machinery are often very valuable, so it makes a lot of sense to store them in something more secure than a wooden shed.  Shipping Containers are notoriously difficult to break into, with steel surroundings and the added protection of a lockbox (padlock surround), your equipment will be safe from thieves.

Shipping Containers are built to transport up to 30 tonnes of cargo so there will be no issue with you storing heavier items. Heavy mowers, bags of compost, and power tools can be easily stored with no danger of damaging the floor of your container shed, not to mention the numerous other items like bikes, garden toys and patio furniture. A 10ft or 20ft shipping container could hold a vast amount of items, and our easy to assemble container racking and shelving systems will make organising your new shed a complete doddle.

When it comes to choosing a Shipping Container shed, you can choose between a traditional pre-built shipping container, or if access into your garden is limited, our flat pack container sheds could be a better option.  Find more information on Shipping Containers as Garden Sheds here.

Growing Produce in Shipping Containers

Shipping Container gardening – also referred to as Vertical Farming – is an increasingly popular, efficient, and sustainable way of growing produce in urban areas or limited spaces.  By creating an environment where all elements are carefully controlled to create optimum growing conditions, Shipping Container gardens can potentially produce the same volumes of food as a traditional agricultural farm.

A Shipping Container farm or vegetable garden is a great solution if you have limited space or resources to create a larger vegetable garden or allotment.

Shipping Container gardening might sound like an ambitious prospect at first, but with some research and preparation you could set up your container garden in no time.  Have a look at our blog post on Growing Mushrooms in a Shipping Container for some inspiration.  We would be pleased to advise you on the container options available.

A Shipping Container Roof Garden

There has been much discussion recently around the decline of green urban spaces as many front gardens are paved over in favour of driveways.  Our insects, bees, and other wildlife need green habitats to thrive, and these can be tricky to create in an urban environment.  By transforming the roof of your shipping container shed into an inviting green space, you can create a biodiverse environment right in the middle of the smallest garden.  How do you create a Shipping Container Roof Garden?  By covering your container with Sedum Roofing!  Sedum is a layer of shallow-rooted succulent vegetation that will encourage wildlife and growth without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Sedum requires very little watering or nutrients and is resilient against disease and weeds.  It can also survive in very hot and dry temperatures which makes it ideal for a hot, metal roof of a shipping container!

You can use our helpful guide to learn more about adding a Sedum roofing system to your Shipping Container.

Shipping Container Summer Houses

Do not be fooled by the industrial appearance of a shipping container! With a few clever modifications, your once functional steel box can be transformed into an attractive summer house for your garden. One popular conversion option for Shipping containers is timber cladding, which can be added externally to create an attractive wooden finish, as seen on this 20ft Cabin Container. Alternatively, you might prefer to paint the exterior of your container to a custom colour of your choice.  Secure doors, windows, and shutters can be added, as well as electrics, water, and insulation to make your new container summer house just as homely as your own home!

As with a container shed, you can choose between a traditional new or used shipping container ranging from 10ft up to 40ft in size, or a flat-pack container that can be assembled in your garden after delivery.  To discuss the most suitable option, and the conversion options available please feel free to contact our helpful sales team.

Shipping Container Jacuzzi Huts

A hot tub is the latest popular addition to many gardens, but the unpredictable British weather means you can often be left exposed to the elements.  A great solution to this issue is a Shipping container Jacuzzi Hut!

We developed this Jacuzzi Hut for a customer who wanted an attractive structure to house their Jacuzzi with an additional decking area and secure changing space.  We think the finished result is pretty fantastic!

Shipping Container Garden Bar

We have saved the best until last!  This is a Shipping Container Garden Bar conversion that we delivered in 2020 to a customer who requested a 10ft shipping container bar for her garden in Wimborne, Dorset.  The picture here shows the CAD drawings she supplied to us (these are not a requirement, this lady is a Spacial Designer and does them for a living!).  Our customer wanted her container bar to be modified to include a lockable serving hatch on one side and a lockable serving shutter opening on another side, perfectly provided by one of our shutter units for our standard windows (but without the window fitted).  The additional hatch is for passing items in and out of the bar for efficiency while restocking! We installed the main hatch on gas struts to allow it to open vertically to offer a large bar space for serving, whilst doubling up to provide protection from the elements.

The container bar was repainted in blue (click here for details on our Shipping Container Painting).

If you would like to add a cool container bar to your garden for the summer, we can completely customise a container to your preferences to include electrics, additional storage areas, and security options.  Perhaps you would like to add a seating area, or extra festoon lighting.  We would love to chat through your ideas and advise you on how to make them work!

Shipping Containers are extremely adaptable and can be a welcome and functional addition to any garden.  If you have a project in mind we would love to assist, alternatively, a scroll through our previous Case Studies might provide you with some extra inspiration.

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If you need a shipping container feel free to browse our online range of shipping containers for sale, which also includes our ranges of flat pack sheds, container canopies and more. You can also call us on freephone 0808 1234 215 any time 9am – 7pm weekdays and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online shipping container quote form or request a telephone callback. In both cases we aim to get back to you within 1-2 working hours (may take longer for more detailed quotes).

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