8m Long storage container for goal post storage for Chipstead FC in Sevenoaks

Recently our range of flat pack storage containers has shown itself to offer fantastic value versus smaller shipping containers. Care of the current international shortage of shipping containers, the prices for these flat packs have risen much less than similarly sized shipping containers which now means they are the most cost-effective option for the majority of customers wanting smaller shipping containers.

However, in June 2022 we were set a very unique challenge by Chipstead FC in Sevenoaks, looking for a replacement to their run down and delipidated shed. They needed a big storage container to help them safely and securely store their 5 a side goal posts during the cricket season. The delivery was also to the far side of their sports field which is very difficult for our delivery truck to guarantee.

Originally asking for a refurbished 30ft shipping container, we had grave concerns about our delivery truck even getting into the field, let alone driving across the field that may be soft. Our trucks are not designed for off-roading! Even in the height of summer, there can be big risks sending a truck over grass. Morning dew can mean the trucks can’t get grip, and with our very typically British summers its very hard to guarantee to plan around potential rain showers. In essence whilst some will argue over weather or not this can be done, we all agree it was at best  a very tricky and risky delivery setup.

At the end of the day, our profit margins are much smaller than our delivery charges, so we do not take on the risk of a delivery going wrong and the customer agreed this was a very risky approach to take. Photos of the gateway for access and the route we would need to drive across the field are shown below.

Fortunately after discussions, it was clear that we could offer a solution using our range of flat pack storage containers. The main item being stored was a set of goal posts that were needed to be out of the way during the summer cricket season. These were 24ft / 7.3m long x 8ft high.

These storage containers were not quite tall enough to take the goalposts standing up, but they can get in and be stored at an angle, and they don’t have to go in the right way up – in this scenario, there is no reason why they can’t be stored upside down. Goalposts aren’t very bulky items, and there is very little that needs storing in the container at the same time (some corner flags and other small items can easily fit around the goalposts), so this was a workable solution where customer could be confident about a smooth delivery. we deliver them to the entranceway. Individual panels can be carried across the field and put into place by a team of volunteer helpers.

So we were set with our solution, 2 number 4m long flat packs, a ‘short end’ linking kit to allow this to be built as a single, 8m long container, and a kerbside delivery to site. (we also have linking kits to allow 2 units to be joined along the long side)

From here was the easy bit. Delivery to the site on our appointed day went smoothly, and the team of supporters and volunteers on site got this unit built quickly and without fuss.

Here at Budget Shipping Containers, we would like to stress that it isn’t just about the sale. In all honesty, if a refurbished 30ft could have been easily delivered, we would have honestly made a fair bit more money from that sale, versus selling 2 of our smaller flat packs.

But that’s not our motivation, using our knowledge to help you get the best solution, and having very happy customers who will recommend us for years to come is way more important. This is the difference you will see when giving us a call.

We would like to thanks Caroline and Tony from Chipstead Juniors FC for their customer and for being such levelly customers to work with and for taking the time to show us detailed information on the delivery ‘challenge’ involved. This only helps us offer the most appropriate solution.

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