Absorpole Shipping Container Desiccants now Carbon Neutral as standard!

Absorpoles, the market leading shipping container and cargo desiccants are now Carbon Neutral!

Absorpoles can be purchased for UK customers via our online shop, please click here to go to the product page 

We are very proud to be supporting the manufacturers in this initiative. Absorpoles are now 100% carbon neutral, with a mix of product development to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, plus offsetting for the rest. These are the first carbon neutral desiccants available on the market as standard.

This is by no means the end solution, further development to reduce the CO2 footprint in manufacturing is being worked on, but we are pleased to offer a market leading desiccant making serious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and we believe this puts Absorpoles way ahead of most competing products.

What has changed to make Absorpoles CO2 neutral?CO2 Neutral Absorpoles

  • The Absorpole desiccant case and cover are now made from 100% recycled material, where as it was previously approx. 50% recycled plastic
  • The blue die has been removed from the manufacturing process to cut this unnecessary carbon overhead from the product, and to make it easier in both cash and carbon cost for these to be recycled again.
  • These measures reduce the carbon footprint of each pole by 60% (now 0.9 Kgs per pole). The remainder of the carbon footprint is offset via a gold standard certified replanting scheme in Ethopia. After offsetting the carbon footprint per pole is now equal to zero.
  • All emissions have been calculated by an external third party, IVL
  • Thee calculations do not include the ‘final mile’ delivery (courier delivery out to you), and just covers the carbon cost of the Absorpole from factory. We are looking into options to neutralise or offset remining carbon costs.

Absorpole Return to Re Use Scheme

In addition, we can now offer a return to re use scheme, allowing customers to save their empty poles for return to the factory for re-use. This will drastically cut the need to the recycling process if the main 2 plastic items (the pole and the cover) can be re-used without additional manufacturing processes.

Currently this is only available for large bulk orders (Full lorry loads) but we are working to increase the range of this offering down to full pallet loads and then hopefully down to individual courier shipments.

In the meantime the poles and covers remain widely recyclable and the active ingredient is non-toxic and can be disposed of in standard waste.

No change in Absorpole quality, capacity or price.

All of this has been achieved with no change to the core product in terms of its capacity to suck up moisture, its effectiveness, or (very importantly) its price!

The active ingredient, calcium chloride (a type of salt) is already a relatively low carbon product and has not changed in composition or quantity. Please don’t’ ingest the calcium chloride, calcium chloride is not the same salt as you will use on with food. Whilst it’s ‘probably’ pure but the manufacturing process is not designed for food grade materials either.

Customers taking advantage of our newly activated online order processing on our website can now benefit from reduced costs versus our Ebay store. For many customers this change comes at the same time as a reduction in overall price! Our joint commitment to low prices also means these remain amongst the most cost effective, easy to use shipping container desiccants.Absorpoles hanging inside a shipping container

More detail on the Carbon Neutral claim and certification.

The carbon footprint calculation on these Absorpoles was calculated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, website: www.ivl.se .

Report number U6422 ‘Life Cycle Assessment of Absorpole’

At this time these calculations cover all the carbon footprint up to the product leaving the factory and this does not include the distribution chain. It does include best possible calculations ‘upstream’ of factory, ie for the production and transport of raw materials outside the Absoprpole factory.

This currently only covers the Absorpole product and not other desiccants within the same range. This is by no means the end point for this process and we hope to announce new carbon neutral desiccant products soon.

A summary of the report from IVL is available here:


Carbon offsetting is used to offset the carbon from the production process that has not been reduced by the recent changes to the product packaging. Specifically the offsetting scheme used is accredited by Tricorona and organised by World Vision Australia. This project focusses on restoring a biodiverse forest on Mt Damota, north of the Sodo township in Southern Ethiopia. This project area had previous been cleared to facilitate farming activities. This clearing had led to flash flooding, mudslides, and local springs drying up due to a lack of groundwater recharge. This project is designed to address these problems with a mix of seedling establishment (planting trees) and farmer managed regeneration (where farmers identify and promote native trees that were pre-existing before the clearance for replanting and development) this project has the input from and will help benefit 7 small local communities (Kebele) around Mt Damota.

The Tricorona carbon offset certificate is available here: Certificate_Carbon_Offset_by_Tricorona_-_Sodo_Project_2021

The Manufacturers current CO2 neutral certification is available here: AP CO2 Neutral Certificate

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