Ex Hanjin Line Shipping Containers for Sale in London

On the 31st August 2016, Hanjin line, the worlds 7th largest shipping line filed for Bankruptcy protection, leaving an estimated $14bn of cargo stranded in 400,000 Shipping containers around the world in ports, depots and on Hanjin’s 97 Container ships. This is the largest shipping industry collapse in modern times and has sent shock waves throughout the industry, but for the savvy storage container buyer this represents a great opportunity to source some excellent quality containers at a very reasonable price.

On the back of this, Budget Shipping Containers secured delivery of 50x ex Hanjin line 20fts!

hanjin used shipping container for sale 20170124_165503

We’ve always liked selling Hanjin line containers as they generally took good care of their containers, their services generally called at good ports, and they also maintained their containers to a higher repair standard than many other shipping lines during their serviceable lifetime.

As with most shipping lines the vast majority of physical shipping containers weren’t owned by Hanjin line itself, its containers were leased from a network of major international leasing companies. We weren’t buying these as distressed assets from a bank or creditor, we have brought these in from the owners at a very reasonable market rate considering the circumstances involved.

The good news for anyone looking to buy a storage container is that these, along with our other ‘better cosmetic’ used stock are on average around 5 years younger than a typical “used” shipping container we would sell. This makes them a fantastic opportunity for a shipping container buyer!

We have a vast range of ages in batches arriving all the time starting from the basic sale price, with the oldest units being 2 year younger than a typical used container, up to something only 5 years old! And, with our usual checks, repairs and guarantees in place no one will lose out here. We do expect to have 30-40 opportunities for a fantastic quality deal when you may be able to get a 6 year old container for the price you’d normally pay for a 12 year old container.This batch is strictly limited to availability and we have these available for sale from January 2017. Pre-orders are being taken now. Please contact us if you would like any further info, or please feel free to browse our shop if your looking for some shipping containers.

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