Flat Pack Storage Container for Glossop Bowls Club… Part 2!

Last year we delivered a 3m x 2m green flatpack storage container to the lovely people at Glossop Bowling Club, and they were so pleased with it, they came back for seconds!

4m flatpack container with side door
4m green flatpack container with side door

This year though, they switched things up a bit and opted for a slightly bigger container with a side opening door, as opposed to the more commonly ordered front-opening door (they went for a 4m x 2m in green this time!). They just needed the versatility of side doors & a little more room, and were more than happy to wait the longer lead time for it.

The team at Glossop were especially prepared for this container to be built, having already had the experience last year! They did a great job again of ensuring the ground was level for their container. Preparing the ground before you assemble your flat pack container and put the base panel into place is very important – and ideally, you need a flat, level surface. However, we know that this is not always possible! So if it is needed, you could choose our optional extra set of adjustable levelling feet which will make levelling the container far easier. At £40 these are a very small additional cost and as well as levelling off the base panel, they lift the structure slightly off the ground which will help it dry out faster between wet spells. This will help it have the best possible lifespan.

Flatpack being built


Assembling the flat pack container

The base panel of the container is the heaviest part! The base panel of a 4m x 2m container as ordered by Glossop Bowling Club weighs 153kg. We recommend at least 3 able bodied people to carry this (preferably more). Once the base is in place, the side and roof panels can be fitted easily.

The club members have previously told us that they were very impressed with the quality and relative ease [of assembling the flat pack container].

Security of a Flat Pack Storage Container

Thanks to their flat pack container, Glossop Bowls Club now has secure on-site storage for some extra equipment.  The container is a sturdy structure built from steel panels, strengthened with a galvanized steel frame. Each flat pack container is issued with 2×5 cylinder locks as standard, and we can also supply an additional locking bar and padlock if you feel you need any extra level of security for your container and contents.


Delivery of flatpack container









Our flat pack containers are delivered in panels, all ready to assemble. All that is needed to put them together is a 13mm and 19mm spanner and a socket set with a 13mm and 19mm socket, plus a screwdriver – and not forgetting, a small team of people willing to help! You don’t even need to know the first thing about building to put together one of our flatpacks – our handy video here will help you out:

Glossop has been home to a crown bowling green for over 100 years and is home to eight bowling teams and also hosts tournaments and matches throughout their season. There is also a clubhouse and function room on the site.  For more information about Glossop Bowling Club, please visit their website! It was an absolute pleasure to work with and supply another flatpack storage container to Glossop Bowls Club!

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